13 Reasons Why: Season-4 | Everything You Need To Know

Winston Williams is a flare-up character of the Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. He was first appeared in a few episodes of the third season and then in the fourth season also. In the fourth season, he moved to Liberty High School in the hope of learning about the death of Bryce Walker.

Winston is a famous character in the third episode. Well, there is no immense details given relating to his past, but we can expect that he came from a wealthy family. His first appeared in a party with Bryce and Monty.

13 Reasons Why
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Winston Relation with Monty | 13 Reasons Why

We watched Winston in ‘Nobody’s Clean,’ where he forcefully seduce Monty, and also gave him a blowjob. After that, Monty leaves the party, and Winston followed him to the car, he asked Monty to spend more time together.

But, unfortunately, received a strange response with a face punch by Monty. From this, the audience was to learn that Winston has a patience level character, whereas Monty is a burst of aggression.

13 Reasons Why
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After all, we again watch both of them together in ‘Let The Dead Bury The Dead.’ In this, Monty apologies for what he did, Winston invites him back to his house. There they both spend their first night together. Monty doesn’t want to reveal it to the public that he is gay.

The romance began with the death of Bryce Walker. There were allegations to Monty that he is involved in the murder of Bryce Walker. But Winston confronts to Ani and letting her know that she is wrong. He said that he is Monty ‘s alibi because they both were together that night.

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In the next season of 13 Reasons Why, Winston fall for another student of Liberty High, Alex. Winston wants to take revenge against the people who did wrong to Monty.

Will he succeed in his work? For the answer, you have to watch the fourth Season of 13 Reasons Why.

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