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5 Top Films of star Christopher Nolan You Shouldn’t Miss

If you are a film buff of any kind, you would have heard of Christopher Nolan. No, mark that, if you’ve watch a single film in your life ever. Here are chances you know who we are about to talk about. You were hail as an example of the biggest creative minds of our times. Nolan manage to inspire an entire age of filmmakers and fans. His style of filmmaking is unmatched. And the world yet to see a thought as profound and creatively enhanced as his.

So get set and grab a bite to eat. And as we tell you specifically which film to watch to get you started on the Nolan craze.


This film is the rage in today’s time and age. And we all understand why. Suppose there is any movie from this list that you might have to pick. And let it be this because it truly is everything your movies loving friends tell you it is and likewise. Some fans think Tenet is one of the best Christopher Nolan movies.

Tenet come out in 2020 and took the globe by storm. It highlights a bunch of top-rated actors. Like John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, and Dimple Kapadia. And unnecessary to say, every one of them done their role to perfection.


We need you to believe us on this. Remember all the numerous things you’ve heard about this film? Yeah, all of them are true. 


Inception first premiered in the year 2010, and it could probably be the best Nolan film yet. The film has stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And Elliot Page in the lead, amongst many additional members of the cast who fit into their characters perfectly.

Christopher Nolan’s Memento

Hah! so, We can certainly gloat at the fact that this might be one Nolan film many of you haven’t heard of before. Now, our gloating stays there. There’s nothing more to it. It is almost illegal how underrated this movie is. Staring at the performance and the detail plot. And you might wonder why more people aren’t talking about it. With luck, this strength changes just about now.

Christopher Nolan: Dunkirk

So, And You could watch this film for the cast alone, and we wouldn’t blame you. So, That said, that  not all there is to Dunkirk. This is one film that so well made. That it gives you wonder what precisely goes on in Nolan’s mind at all times.


So, You really didn’t think we would end this list without this film, did you? If you did, we’re glad to proven you wrong. As, Interstellar is not only one of the best Christopher Nolan films but is also apparently one of the best works of entertainment. so, And humankind the great fortune of seeing for quite some time now.



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