Queen Sono Season 2 Revival Reversed! Why Did Netflix Cancel The Show?

Queen Sono is not returning for season 2 despite its initial renewal. Here’s everything we know.

Netflix mentioned some challenges faced during the filming of the series due to the pandemic. Hence, for this reason, they decided to cancel the second season of the spy-thriller series, ‘Queen Sono’

About the Show:

The South African crime series came into the limelight when the first season released earlier in 2020. It is the first full Netflix Original series from the African region. Kagiso Lediga is the creator. The series follows the plot of a South African secret agent, played by Thusi, who deals with criminal operations.

Pearl Thusi; Kate Liquorish; Vuyo Dabula; Khathu Ramabulana – The cast of Queen Sono.
Source: Netflix

The series received a renewal closely two months after its premiere.

The Netflix team reportedly stated that dropping the show was a difficult choice because of the “dream vision” achieved through the show.

The second season was supposed to unravel a number of cliffhangers and story arcs which were left hanging from season 1. It also included Queen looking for the truth surrounding her past and quest for revenge.

Did COVID Gatecrash with Queen Sono?

The show’s renewal is now reversed. The first season was shot across various countries including South Africa, Lagos, Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania. The complications arose due to COVID-19 and the show took a halt.

Queen Sono creator, Kagiso Lediga, commented on the recent news saying, “We wrote a beautiful story that spanned the continent but unfortunately could not be executed in these current trying times.”

Queen Sono lead, Pearl Thusi, released a bittersweet statement to The Citizen in response to the news.
“It’s so incredible that we as a team got a lifetime opportunity to make history together as there will never be another ‘first’ African Netflix original series. I’m proud of the work we did, but everything happens for a reason. I am excited about what the future holds.”

Pearl Thusi as Queen Sono.
Source: Netflix

Netflix made a remark saying they took the difficult decision to not move forward with season 2 of Queen Sono. The added that they are proud of what they achieved while promoting their upcoming lineup.

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Coronavirus pandemic didn’t only affect Queen Sono. Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira’s Americanah series was recently cancelled by HBO Max before it even began its production. South Africans, however, can still anticipate for the second season of popular Netflix Original Series, Blood and Water.



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