‘A California Christmas’ Synopsis And Ending Explained

Lauren and Josh Swickard (a real life couple) romance each other on-screen yet again in ‘A California Christmas,’ which is directed by Shaun Paul Piccinino. The story is about love, betrayal, romance, and the many obstacles (especially financial) that one must conquer in order to live life on their own terms. Here we shall discuss the ending of this all-in-one story. SPOILERS AHEAD.

A California Christmas Plot Synopsis

Van Aston Enterprises wants to buy a farm to use it as a warehouse. But no amount of money or power can convince the owner, Callie Bernet, into selling her property. As a final resort, Mrs. Van Aston wants her son, Joseph, to talk to the steadfast woman before Christmas. However, the wealthy ladies man will only be ready to do so when his lifestyle and role at the company are put in jeopardy.

So, Joseph reaches the farm with the contract. However, on arriving, he is mistaken for a ranch hand named Manny. Joseph realizes that he will have to develop close bonds with Callie and learn more about what melts her if he wants the deal to be successful. So he starts working on the property, and as time passes, the two catch feelings for each other. But will his secret harm their love?

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A California Christmas Ending

Connor tells Callie about Joseph’s truth, and Mrs. Van Aston also arrives in town (since her son has not been picking her calls and has provided no updates about the deal). Joseph tells his mother that he won’t let her take Callie’s farm away from her. However, the business mogul gives an offer to the Bernet family that is clearly impossible to refuse, especially since Wendy’s hefty medical costs would be paid off.

Callie demands 24 hours to mull over the contract. Thereafter, she has a fight with Joseph and tells him to leave her farm. However, later, after talking to Leo and Manny, Joseph realizes that Callie can capitalize on her wine, and they even meet a wine connoisseur who loves the sample. Joseph then reaches out to Callie, but Connor tells him to turn around. However, the former farmhand just wants to sort things  for her. At night, he and Callie arrange the vineyard, and the next day, the wine expert visits and gives her a considerable offer.

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This means that now, they won’t have to accept Mrs. Van Aston’s proposal to prevent financial troubles. Callie then tells the good news to her mother. In the trailer, the real Manny comes to know that Joseph has gifted him a new gaming system and TV for Christmas. Furthermore, even though the deal was not made, Mrs. Van Aston is proud of her son and offers him the promotion if he wants it. He, however, rejects it.

Joseph then arranges an entire party in the barn after cleaning it out. Wendy and Hannah take Callie there, and he asks for her forgiveness. They make up and kiss, and it starts snowing (with the help of a snow machine, of course). It is the first time that Callie has seen snow, and so this makes for the perfect romantic gesture. Everyone is enjoying their gala time at the party. Eventually, Wendy dies, but Joseph is there to comfort Callie.

Should Joseph Have Accepted the Promotion?

There is no denying that Joseph’s mother makes him a profitable offer to be more involved with the company. But his experience at Callie’s farm has completely transformed him. At first, he is a typical playboy with a carefree attitude, especially because he’s never really had to hustle for things in his life. But things are different at the farm. Joseph realizes that labor bears fruit and even gives it his all. In fact, it is because he takes his “job” seriously that Callie, Wendy, and Hannah get to spend more time together.

So there’s definitely a lot of good that has come from him connecting with the real world. Moreover, once the wine project takes off, it is likely that Callie and Joseph would be extremely busy. However, we also think that he could have made the venture more valuable if he had actually taken that promotion. After all, he would have taken the position of the President of Acquisitions for Van Aston Enterprises.

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Now, we’re not of the opinion that he must use the company funds to fuel Callie’s business venture. But his network could have been helpful in furthering her vision. Let’s not forget that this was actually her father’s dream, and essentially, it is also what he has inherited. Of course, he was the one that started fermenting wine on their farm. He was also the one who was adamant to the concept. Moreover, it was his idea that eventually saved the family from drowning in debt.

It’s almost as if Callie’s father arrived in one final time to save the people he loved so much. Therefore, Bernet vineyard is not just a  bread-source for the protagonist. It has immense value for her. We believe that if Joseph had accepted that promotion, he could have really helped Callie indirectly flourish the business. There’s also the fact that Joseph could have aided her in expanding the venture into many other states and cities across America.

We know that the product is good, and so Callie won’t really face any obstacles on that front. But without proper guidance and support, even the best businesses can fall down. We’re certain that even without the promotion, Joseph has supported Callie along the way. But it also feels as though he may not be expanding his own potential either. For these reasons, we think that Joseph should have accepted that promotion.

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