A Million Little Things Season 3 | EP Advices Maggie/Gary Fans To Be Patient

The creator of the series, DJ Nash, revealed that the ambiguity over what happened to the Eddie moments in A Million Little Things after a car him in the finale of the second season, is going to vanish during the premiere of the third season of the show.

EP said that they are going to find out whether he survives or not, and added that though he does not like to share spoilers, but he does like to tease. He said that the lives of Katherine and Theo would never be the same again.

A Million Little Things Season 3 | Fans Should Be Patient
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The major question that arises here is, what about Gary and Maggie, the latter of whom was preparing to leave after getting rejected by her former love for a year in England?

Also, what about Regina and Rome, whose heartbreak knew no bounds after the mom of their adoptive son reclaimed her infant? In light of the premiere announcement of the third season of the drama, it is going to return on November 19, Thursday at 10/9c.

A Million Little Things | DJ Nash Answered About The Status Of Our Favorite Couples.

Q. How much of a presence will David Giuntoli be having in the third season?

DJ Nash said that they are still trying to figure a lot of that out because of coronavirus and because of the other factors. David has been an important and incredible part in their series. They will be continuing to tell the story of Eddie. Jon died at the end of the cold open of the pilot, and Ron Livingston is still much a part of their family and their series.

A Million Little Things Season 3 | Fans Should Be Patient
Image Source – IMDb

Q. What does the love life of Gary life look like at the beginning of Season 3? Has there been a time jump? Is Maggie still in England?

The love life of Gary is as complicated as ever, but as for a host of new reasons, they have picked up the third season seconds after where they left their gang in the second season. Maggie is on her way to England to study in Oxford for a year. But for all the people who are hoping for the scenes of Gary and Maggie together, he said that they need to be patient and hinted that they are coming.


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