A Sign Of Affection Manga: Simulpub Launched By Kodansha Comics

Kodansha Comics announced on Tuesday that Suu Morishita’s A Sign of Affection (Yubisaki to Renren) manga will be made available as a simulpub. The prices of the simulpub will be US$1.99 for each monthly chapter. Kodansha Comics will start offering the simulpub on the same day as Japan.

Amazon Kindle, Comixology, BookWalker, and Crunchyroll will sell simulpub starting from Tuesday. The manga’s printed edition will be shipped in next spring. Kodansha Comics also interviewed Morishita and posted it.

A Sign Of Affection: Synopsis

Kodansha Comics gave the synopsis of the manga as follows:

Yuki is a young college student. Just like every other college student, her world revolves around her friends, social media, and the latest sales. One day, she encounters someone on a train. There she meets friend-of-a-friend and fellow student Itsuomi-san. This marked the beginning of the new phase in Yuki’s life.

Itsuomi-Kun is a smart and nice person and he can speak three languages. But unfortunately for Yuki, he cannot speak sign language. So, will he learn the sign language for her? Will they be able to communicate efficiently and form a connection? How will they harness their feeling towards each other?

More Manga Details

Morishita launched the manga in Kodansha’s Dessert magazine in July 2017. The volume came out on May 13. Kodansha Comics published the English version of the second volume on July 7.

A Sign of Affection
Source: Kodansha Comics

Morishita’s Shortcake Cake manga launched in Shueisha’s Margaret magazine in November 2015. The manga series ended in March 2019. Later manga’s three spinoff chapters came out in April and May 2019. Manga’s 12th and final volume in July 2019 and published by Shueisha. Viz Media will launch the manga’s English version and it published the eighth volume on May 5.

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More details of A Sign of Affection manga are on their way. We will keep bringing the latest updates as soon as they are made available. Till then, stay tuned and keep reading!




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