‘A Teacher’ is a show that portrays the illegitimate physical relationship between an English teacher named Claire Wilson (Kate Mara), and her student, Eric Walker (Nick Robinson). The series does not tend to glorify any such taboo affairs, but rather, the plot imparts us education on why people think of doing such things in the first place. If you’ve been following it dedicatedly, then you know that neither Eric nor Claire are able to handle the consequences of their actions. Let’s take the conversation a little deeper, shall we?

A Teacher Episode 9 Recap

The former teacher goes on a Tinder date and the two hit it off. She ends up going home with him that night and she informs him about the ankle monitor before they sleep together. Mid-sex, he uses her past as a topic for dirty talk. Meanwhile, Eric’s roommate takes him out to dinner so that the protagonist feels a bit better. It turns out that Eric has been put on academic probation and will lose his scholarship if he doesn’t change his ways.


A TEACHER “Episode 1” (Airs Tuesday, November 10) – – Pictured: (l-r) Kate Mara as Claire Walker, Nick Robinson as Eric Walker. CR: Chris Large/FX
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Claire has enrolled in her father’s business and he tries to talk to her about things at work. However, she blows Wyatt off. This is when another employee arrives and mentions that without Wyatt, he would have fallen prey to alcoholism again. Later, Claire meets up with Matt and they sign their divorce papers. They have a sad conversation in which the ex-husband tells her that if she truly cared for him, she would never have done what she did in the first place. Although she apologizes, Matt asks her to leave.

Eric visits the bar and he spends the night drinking with a bride to be and her friends. In the meantime, Claire goes to her Tinder date’s house to have sex. She asks him to slap her, and at first he is hesitant. However, he soon agrees, but she wants him to slap her even harder. He obliges, but her lip starts bleeding. Nonetheless, Claire doesn’t want him to stop. But this frustates him and he refuses to do this anymore.

A Teacher Episode 9 Ending

Unfortunately, the girls deceive their friend, Chloe, at the bar. To make her feel better, Eric asks her for a dance. But soon, she starts sobbing and says that she will not hook up with him as he is too young and she just ended a long-term relationship. She then starts discussing about how sad she was with her ex and how none of her friends are interested in her sad stories.


Eric in A Teacher. Image: Time Magazine

Claire returns home and her dad is concerned about her. But she yells at him, “Stop trying to help me.” She then recalls his previous alcoholic tendencies and how it seriously affected her childhood. She says that she just wanted to bring consolation to other kids who now face a similar situation, but that she screwed it all. She is quite self-criticizing but Wyatt encourages her. Later, Eric heads back to home and tells his mom that he needs help. (It seems as though he has left college, but the show does not affirm this just yet).

The Difference Between Claire’s and Eric’s Reactions

Evidently, both Claire and Eric have almost reached their respective saturation points. The former teacher still blames her now-sober father for his alcoholism when she was young. Whereas, it looks like that Eric, is simply torturing himself for whatever has gone down in the past few episodes. While Eric is quite famous when college begins, he slowly removes everything from his life. It has possible chances that he is in depression but just hasn’t been diagnosed yet. Moreover, he is an intellect and for him to go on academic probation and give up his scholarship is a big deal.


Eric and Claire. Image: Sloux City Journal

Claire and Eric both need to tackle their own problems. She needs to confront the many issues that she has with her father. Once she can close chapters from her past, she could move on and recreate a better life for herself. However, she is a stubborn person because she has never really trusted on other people for anything; she has always called the shots. But now, for her to heal and move on, she must hand over the reins to her father and let him nurture her. After all, this is something he skipped doing when she was young.

Eric has faced a considerable number of challenges. His single mother is almost always busy with work and he has had to manage family and education together. When he reaches college, things are completely different. It becomes clear that he is the kind of guy who keeps being affected by his impulses instead of making rational decisions. But the good part about him is that, unlike Claire, he knows when to ask for help. It is appreciable that he prioritizes his mental health. While not attending college is a temporary setback, in the larger view of the scenario, it appears to be negligible. Moreover, with such support from his family, it seems possible that Eric will be able to sort his issues.