Ace Of Diamond Season 4: Will Sawamura Eijun And Okumura Make A Comeback?

Ace of Diamond is one of the most famous Japanese Manga baseball series. As of now, three parts of this manga has already been published.

This series is based on sports. The director of the series is Mitsuyuki Masuhara. Also, the writer of the series is Kenji Konuta. The music composition is by Frying-pan in the studio of Madhouse Productions.

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When will the Ace of Diamond Season 4 release?

The next season of the manga will most probably hit the screens in April 2021. Due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, the shoot of this series has delayed along with the other shows. The makers have high expectations that the series will get a great response from the audience. Also, the audience can expect an intense baseball match that can be with the winning of Eijun.

Who will the cast members for this season?

For this season, we expect some new characters in the drama. Sawamura Eijun, Furuya Satoru, Okumura, and Yuki Tetsuya will be the cast for the next season, as well as they are the spinal cord of the drama. Also, as per reports, Kominato Ryosuke can return in the new season.

A still from Ace of Diamond
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What is the plotline of Ace of Diamond?

Eijun Sawamura’s Ace of Diamond entirely revolves around his baseball adventure. He tries to prove that he is the best player on the baseball team. Eijun has excellent pitching skills. The only motive that kept him going was the trophy of Ace of Seidou High School.

In short, Ace of Diamond is just a component of the life of Eijun Sawamura. Once, he was just a newbie asked to practice a new pitching style so that he can attach himself to the championship of Tokyo’s esteemed Seidou High Scheme. His only aim is to urge into his group’s ace tank.

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