Act-Age Manga Cancelled: Know Why!

Act-Age manga is canceled officially. The manga’s writer Tatsuya Matsuki was arrested for acting indecently towards a minor. Act-Age is a massive hit series.

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Act-Age: Why Cancelled Suddenly?

Tokyo authorities revealed some inside information about the series’ writer. Tatsuya Matsuki behaved inappropriately with a minor. Authorities arrested Matsuki after he touched a middle school girl inappropriately.

The police confronted the writer as soon as they got the complaint. Upon confrontation, the writer did not deny any allegations. Also, we admitted committing the heinous activity. According to the reports, Matsuki told the authorities “there’s generally nothing incorrect” with their accusations.

Source: Manga Plus

Matsuki decided to end his hit series after this incident. Weekly Shonen Jump’s 36-37 issue will feature the Act-Age series’ final chapter.

How did this happen?

Matsuki reportedly rode his bike behind each of the girls before approaching them. After committing the crime, he spontaneously fled the scene. The case is still on-going and Matsuki will mostly plea non-guilty in the court. He was also caught on the camera and so it is highly unlikely that he will go unpunished. Shueisha canceled Act-Age and further negotiations are ongoing.

Shueisha released an online statement to explain the abrupt series end. The publisher also shared the note on MANGA PLUS. Additionally, Shueisha apologized to fans and the magazine’s staff said they had to take accountability given the crimes at hand.

Source: Manga Plus

The publisher said that it is extremely unfortunate to have to end a series that has received so much support. He took the decision keeping the incident’s nature in mind. Weekly Shonen Jump recognizes its social responsibility. They expressed their deepest regrets and apologies to all their fans.

Act-Age’s final chapter have a print release. Also, MANGA PLUS will not host its final chapter.

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