Acts of Violence: The Ending where Justice is finally served

Acts of Violence‘ is an action thriller film starring Bruce Willis. It was directed by Brett Donowho and got released in the year 2018. Read on to know the basic plot of the movie and its ending.

Acts of Violence: Plot

The story revolves around three brothers, a crime lord and an incorruptible cop. The two elder McGregor brothers have served in the military before and thus have a lot of experience of war. The youngest brother, Roman plans to marry his childhood sweetheart Mia. During their bachelorette party, Mia gets into an argument with the chief goons of the local crime lord Max Livingston. She insults them and as a result of retaliation, they abduct her to present to their boss Max.

In the meantime, detective James Avery played by Bruce Willis is also trying to work against the crime lord. He assures the three brothers to help them in rescuing Mia. But, the brothers take in charge and set on a mission to rescue Mia which lands them into several law-breaking activities.

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Acts of Violence: The Ending Explained

The crime lord Max indulges in sex trafficking assisted by the boys who kidnapped Mia. In the final moments of the film, the three brothers raid a warehouse where Max kept his trafficked girls. The raid turns out to be successful and they rescue Mia and also free all the other girls. However, as soon as they reach home, they are attacked by Max along with his men. A terrible violent sequence takes place at their home in which Brandon gets killed. Deklan, the other brother manages to kill Max’s men but Max however escapes alive.

At the end of Acts of Violence, the two brothers Roman and Deklan are arrested by the police while Max still walks free. Seeing this injustice, Avery resigns from his job as a cop. Now, the badass cop in Avery shines and he performs what he always wanted to do. Since the beginning of the movie we find Avery bit controlled by his seniors.

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Justice Prevails

Now, as he resigned, he serves justice by killing Max and help the brothers in rescuing Mia successfully. Thus by the end of his career, he grabs the opportunity of killing Max, achieves his long-pending desire, and also serves justice.

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The movie Acts of Violence beautifully portrays how a family stands strong and together during the time of crisis. Although the brothers were well-intentioned, violence always results in more violence and thus breaking the law most of the time. The movie also shows the police bureaucracy and how it impacts the crimes undergoing in a state. However, Avery’s journey as a cop and later resigning to achieve long-awaited justice proves inspiring.

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