Adam Savage: Mythbusters host accused of Rape

2020 has been like a haunted house, everything that comes our way is to haunt us. Starting from the Australian forest fire to black lives matter, a recent addition to the list is sex abuse charges on “Mythbusters” co-host Adam Savage. The news hit Adam’s fan really hard as they didn’t see it coming and especially from his own sister, an accusation of rape.

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What is the case?

Miranda Pacchiana sued his brother on Tuesday in the Westchester Supreme Court. She said that she was raped by her brother when she was a child.

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The Accusations on Adam Savage, Mythbuster Co-host

According to the documents submitted by Pacchiana, from 1976 to 1979 during their stay at Sleepy Hollow, New York. Adam Savage used to force her for oral sex and forced consummate her. She even accused him of sexual assault in different ways.

As per reports, at the time of the abuse, Adam’s age varied from 9-12 while Pacchiana was 7-10.


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Rape Broke Miranda Mentally and Emotionally!

The legal statement states that Pacchiana has undergone a mental breakdown because of Adam’s doing. She opines to overcome her trauma and horrible memories. And help others who are either suffering or had to suffer the same emotional and sexual abuse. As per reports she still feels the pain and gets traumatized whenever thinks of it.

Andrew Brettler, while addressing the USAToday, quoted Adam Savage who disapproved of all the charges put on him by his sister.

¬†Accusations Are “Baseless”:- Adam Savage

Statement of Adam Savage states, ” As much I want these legal actions and groundless allegations to end it takes a nasty turn. I am fed up of it want it to end once and for all so that I, as well as my sister, get some peace. It is been years now for her trying to defame me as well as other members of our family.”

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Adam Savage says, ” By victimizing herself and criminalizing me and my family just for the bounty, she has put herself away from all of us. I will battle against her baseless accusations and come out clean so that it is put to an end.”


Is Miranda Mentally Unstable?

The attorney Andrew Brettler also shared a statement by the mother of both. The statement says, ” I feel devastated by mentioning my daughter as mentally disabled and it’s heartbreaking how she framed Adam as well as our whole family.”

On Adam Savage, she said, “He is a man of his words and is supported by me.

Savage’s most famous show ” Mythbuster” which was aired in 2003 and was broadcasted till 2016 on channel Discovery and later was bought by the Science channel.

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