After We Collided Ending Explained: Who is Tessa’s Father?

Directed via Roger Kumble and the sequel to ‘After,’ ‘After We Collided’ is a romantic drama that continues to discover the harrowing and risky relationship between Tessa Young (Josephine Langford) and Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes Tiffin), especially as they warfare their personal emotional demons. If you’re curious as to what the ending is all about, then this article is for you.

Spoilers Ahead!

After We Collided Plot Synopsis

Following the occasions of ‘After,’ Tessa and Hardin are no longer together. She additionally begins a new internship at a publishing house, the place she meets the stage headed and mild-mannered Trevor, who has a totally unique character than her ex. Tessa and Trevor come to be accurate friends, and he even develops emotions for her. But her coronary heart is nonetheless set on Hardin, and the two begin hooking up often, which ultimately leads to them essentially getting lower back together. At the identical time, there is a trauma from his previous that Hardin ought to come to phrases with for his personal sake.


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After We Collided Ending Explained

Hardin drives through a auto accident earlier than realizing that Tessa is worried in it. He doesn’t understand the place she is admitted, and so he calls each health center in the neighborhood to locate her. In the meantime, Landon barges in and blames Hardin for the accident due to the fact Tessa used to be out searching for him as the male protagonist did now not come domestic the night time before. Getting extra determined to discover her with every passing second, the boyfriend calls Tessa’s smartphone again, solely to have Trevor pick out it up. The coworker tells Hardin that he is poisonous and wishes to let Tessa go; she will in no way locate happiness in him.

Tessa is discharged from the health center and comes domestic solely to locate that Hardin has left. (He has long gone to his mother’s vicinity in England). But in a letter, he acknowledges that their relationship is like an dependancy – ache and pleasure go hand in hand. Furthermore, he states that the woman they fought about was once a former fling, and he simply desired her forgiveness in order to enhance for Tessa. Although she then tries to get in contact with Hardin, it is to no avail for the reason that he breaks his smartphone in a healthy of anger.

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Hardin continues to have the equal nightmares, however this time around, Tessa elements in them rather of his mother. He additionally proceeds to dump the alcohol out. His mother then makes him recognize that Hardin is solely punishing himself via no longer forgiving his previously abusive father. She additionally encourages her son to go to Vance’s birthday celebration on Sunday and win Tessa back; he desires to combat for what genuinely matters. At the soiree, Kimberley says sure when Vance proposes to her.

Later, Trevor asks Tessa if she’s going to receive the job provide in Seattle. She says that she simply may seeing that she has no purpose to continue to be in city anymore. In the identical conversation, the coworker confesses that he had requested Hardin to go away her alone. He excuses himself for a moment, and Tessa sees Hardin at the party. After a quick conversation, they depart together. In the end, he receives a tattoo that says, “I by no means desire to be parted from you from this day on.” Then, it is printed that the homeless bum who confronts her is clearly Tessa’s dad.

Who is Tessa’s Father?

The film ends on a cliffhanger when Tessa realizes that the homeless man that processes her is none different than her father. But who is he, and why has he seemed out of the blue? Well, here’s all the records about him that the film gives. In one scene, when Carol finds out that Tessa is again in a relationship with Hardin, she freaks out and angrily tells her daughter to give up it as the boyfriend reminds Carol of her ex. In some other scene, when Tessa’s father procedures the mom to let him meet his daughter, she doesn’t let this happen.

But apart from setting up his similarity to Hardin, the film doesn’t delve deep into who the mysterious parent is. So, we became to the eponymous e book by using Anna Todd, which stimulated the script. She additionally co-wrote the screenplay for ‘After We Collided.’ So, her literature is without a doubt the subsequent first-class supply to acquire greater statistics about Tessa’s father. The man in query is named Richard Young, and in the novels, it is defined that he has continually dealt with substance abuse issues.
Carol and Richard would regularly battle after he got here domestic drunk, and eventually, he ends up forsaking his family. Post this, he receives in with the incorrect crowd and begins doing tablets as well. This is what outcomes in his homelessness, as he loses his job and has no way to assist himself. So, when Tessa and Hardin run into him on the streets, they take him again to their place. Eventually, Tessa’s dad and mom expose that they had by no means been married.

In fact, the relationship that their daughter has with Hardin is reminiscent of their very own risky liaison. This remember ends with Carol telling the boy to now not go down the equal direction as Richard. Coming lower back to the film franchise, we do recognize that a sequel, ‘After We Fell,’ is already in production. Although we don’t recognize if Anna Todd will be reprising her position as the writer, it doesn’t appear like the filmmakers will stray some distance from the unique story.

Does Tessa Accept The Job Offer?

Vance affords Tessa a job that requires her to pass to Seattle. Her boss is even inclined to cowl the many expenses, together with tuition. On paper, it sounds like the best opportunity. However, she asks Vance for some time to give some thought to over the matter. She even continues this hidden from Hardin, who finally finds out when Trevor texts Tessa to congratulate her. (The coworker will additionally be shifting there). But the film doesn’t virtually expose what desire Tessa ends up making.

We assume that Tessa will give up up taking the job. After all, even even though she is essentially in a poisonous relationship with Hardin, it is evident that he does care for her. Firstly, he would by no means let her skip up an probability like this. (Although we do agree that if the long-distance element receives without a doubt hard for him to handle, then he will most probable lash out and battle with her). Secondly, she has adequate buddies and household that would motivate her to take the job as it is a high-quality step for her career.
While Tessa is absolutely obsessed with Hardin, it does no longer experience as even though her profession is some thing she would be inclined to supply up for the relationship. This is installed in the film when they are getting warm and heavy in the shower, however she nonetheless solutions a work call. Lastly, when you consider that most of her prices will be covered, the economic incentive for her to relocate is high. Thus, for these reasons, we suppose that in the sequel, the protagonist will go out to Seattle.

Trevor’s Contribution to The Narrative

Trevor is the whole thing that Hardin is now not – cool, composed, mild-mannered, and non-toxic. While his character is juxtaposed in opposition to the boyfriend’s, it definitely doesn’t do plenty for the story. The one aspect Trevor does is that he interjects Tessa’s and Hardin’s relationship in the end, but otherwise, it feels as even though he is simply there. At first glance, it appears as although the narrative would now not be too exceptional if Trevor weren’t a section of the script.

Tessa and Hardin would nevertheless have fought due to the fact that’s what they do. Plus, many human beings in her existence don’t suppose that the brash younger man is the perfect accomplice for Tessa, inclusive of Carol. Anyone ought to have objected in the quit and informed Hardin to go away the lady protagonist alone. But we agree with that there is a increased motive for the character. After all, Trevor has been promoted and will be heading the finance branch at the Seattle office.

Furthermore, there has been a preceding misunderstanding the place Hardin thinks he walked in on Tessa and Trevor hooking up, so the boyfriend isn’t Trevor’s largest fan. If we’re right, and Tessa does cease up transferring to Seattle, then Trevor and she will be in shut proximity. It looks nearly inevitable that Hardin and Tessa will then select a combat that includes the coworker, as a consequence continuing the virulent cycle of arguments that dominate their relationship.


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After We Collided is currently streaming on Netflix with an rating of 5.2/10 on IMDb, 10% on Rotten Tomatoes. . The film stars Josephine Langford (Wish Upon) as Tessa, Hero Fiennes Tiffin (The Silencing) as Hardin, and Samuel Larsen (Glee) as Zed. Langford and Fiennes Tiffin have signed on to film the next two films in the series, After We Fell and After Ever Happy, which are slated to premiere in coming years. 

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