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Agents Of SHIELD: FitzSimmons Shocking Secret Is Not A Secret Anymore!

The finale season of the Agents of SHIELD just got off to a dynamic start with a premiere that immersed almost all of the heroes in the year 1931 to try and pause the Chronicoms from adding a foothold, based on the information from Enoch and Simmons after they traveled through time with a mission. However, one of those heroes was missing, and we do not just mean because Coulson was replaced by an L.M.D., and May, for most of the hour, was out of commission.

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Fitz was nowhere to be seen to save the secrets of Summons’ and his plan, but we are left wondering that if there is an even bigger secret that he has been hiding, and is it the one connected to Deke. This was somewhat surprising that the arrival of Simmons with Fitz in the past considering the frequent declarations that they would never be separated again if they can help it. But probably the viewers are also used to FitzSimmons being torn by this point in time in the series.

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This stoicism of Simmons indicates that this mission is bigger than their love story, and she does not regret that they made a decision to split even though she does miss him. Despite not being able to know anything about where he is and if he is safe, still, her stoicism is relatively new. Unfortunately, the only possible thing we can do is wait and see. Till now, there is no hint whenever Fitz will return or even if the seventh season of the Agents of SHIELD will be spending some more time with him even before reuniting him with Simmons and Co.

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All of the secrets that he has been keeping may remain secrets until he eventually manages to make his entrance in Season 7.

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