Agents of SHIELD: Recap Of What Happened This Week.

“Stolen” is the title of the newest episode in the last season of Marvel‘s Agents of SHIELD. And it’s a road back to the current time. Aired on the 29th of July on ABC, people are not particularly liking this end route. Let’s take a look at what happened in last week’s Agents of SHIELD.

Agents of SHIELD last week’s recap:

The team was stuck in a time loop last we saw in episode 9. In Episode 10 they have found a new way to get back still they are stuck in the 1980s. Good thing, though, because Malick and Sybil have teamed up to completely derail the time stream. 

Without giving away too much for some of the readers who are yet to see the latest episode Agents of SHIELD, let me briefly point out everything that happened in the episode. Malick the villainous dude who should have been dead is now recruiting more bad guys after he learned to power up using hydra’s old plans. One of the recruits is Bill Paxton an old Agent of SHIELD, who was a double agent for Hydra.

Still from episode 10 of Agents of SHIELD.
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Now that thanks to the time stream he can anticipate attacks from the Agents of SHIELD. Also, the story of Fitz and Simmons continues as Malick searches for Fitz in the attempt to defeat the Agents. Also during the end, the Zephyr is no with Malick as he stole it in the absence of Garret. The reunion of Daisy and her mother is also a touching part of the episode.

Next, we might see the team coming back to the current times and the battle may continue. This last season turned out to be a different showdown than what was expected. Still so far so good. Let’s anticipate the ending hold.The next episode of Agents of SHIELD will air on ABC on the 5th of August.


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