Agents Of Shield Season 7 – Episode 8 preview details

Marvel‘s Agents Of Shield’s last run as a shortened season 7 compared the previous season is so far really good. With the time-traveling mix, traveling in the past is working well. The 7 episodes of Agents Of Shield aired so far showed the team traveling in various decades to identify the Time-Unraveling thread. Now Episode 8, titled “After Before” is coming to ABC July 15th. Check out the trailer here before we unravel ourselves what to expect.

Agents Of Shield: Episode 8 “After Before”

So far we knew: Coulson and the agents of SHIELD are thrust backward in time and stranded in 1931 New York City. The zephyr is about to jump in time again. As we move forward Enoch stranded in 1931 while the rest of the Agents are thrown to another decade. In 1955 Coulson and the team discover the ways to overcome Chronicom’s new plan. They also learn about the past of their director Mack. With the Zephyr damaged and the identity of the Agents blown they are in trouble. 

Last we saw was Mark stranded in 1982 and he explores his parent’s death. Back in the present Deke starts recruiting new agents. Episode 8 will deal with the Zephyr malfunctioning and the team in deep crap. Yo-Yo seems to be their only hope but she to help might have to visit her hidden past.

CLARK GREGG, CHLOE BENNET in episode 3 of Agents Of Shield
Picture courtesy: ABC

With this being the last season of Agents Of Shield Episode 8 is the beginning of the very end. This season will be most likely 13 episodes like the previous one. There are many ends to tie in these last 5 episodes, the rest of the season the Agents will see some action. Coulson is as we know back after what happened previously. Time-travel does open a lot of areas for any story but this surely is the end for Agents of Shield

Going to be premiered on 15th July at 10 pm on ABC. The final episodes of Marvel’s Agents Of Shield like for any-other series are going to be bittersweet. 

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