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As Agents of SHIELD ends; Apart from the fans, Clark Gregg also got emotional.

Agents of SHIELD‘ is an American television series created for ABC. It is hugely popular because of its basis on the Marvel Comics organization SHIELD. It centers around the Marvel Cinematic Universe, providing continuation and support to the franchise’s films and other Television series.

Agents of SHIELD: Final episode date

After seven promising seasons being telecasted for almost 7 years, finally, the time has come for its end. Season seven’s will release on Wednesday, August 12, 2020.


Loyal fans all around the world are quite excited about the dramatic season finale. The story would definitely affect other franchise films that have released or will release in the future for MCU. However, along with the great excitement, there is huge nostalgia thriving in everyone’s hearts.

Clark Gregg’s Emotional Message

The character Phil Coulson which debuted about a decade ago was one of the most loved characters played by Clark Gregg. Not only the fans being overwhelmed about the ending of Agents of SHIELD, but Clark Gregg also expressed deep emotion.

“This team, this evolving team, took a heroic attitude which was to care about nothing but continual evolution. Out of that, we built a family. And Phil Coulson’s been at the center of that family. He’s gained, as I have, so much. If you would have told me as I sipped coffee on Iron Man 1 that I would go this many layers into this character, it’s really bittersweet to let that journey go, but I can only be grateful for it. So, thank you, on behalf of myself and the team, for giving us this incredible journey.”

He got very nostalgic while delivering it.

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As the popular saying goes, “Don’t be sad that its over, be glad that it happened”. Audience and marvel fans all around would always remember this amazing series ‘Agents of SHIELD’. The crossovers it featured, the notable characters it produced, twists, and turns in the storyline, everything will stay imprinted in our memory.


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