Agents Of SHIELD: Season 7 Won’t Be Aired On E4. Know Why

Although E4 has served as a home for Marvel‘s Agents of SHIELD for the last four years, it won’t be the channel where the final season will be airing.

Like many others, this is also from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The sci-fi series begins by resurrecting the character of Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) and then putting him in charge of an all-new team of SHIELD agents.

Indeed, the series was not an instant hit among the audience. Still, it won over them when it is out with it’s increasingly ambitious stories by using the comic book favorites such as Ghost Rider and the Inhumans.

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Did the final season of Agents of SHIELD already premiere in the US?

When the seventh and final season premiered in the United States in May, it left the UK fans curious for all the details about when it might arrive on their shores.

Unfortunately, they will have to wait a little longer as E4 has confirmed to that they will not be airing Agents of SHIELD season seven, despite its history with the program.

Where will the final season of Agents of SHIELD finally come?

At this moment, it is still unclear as to where the final mission for Coulson and his allies will end up, but Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video are possible options. It is a possibility because both the services are currently streaming older seasons of the show.

But, the remaining episodes are unlikely to arrive on a streaming platform till the final season concludes in the US. This means the British fans will have to wait a little longer. But, the most challenging part will be to avoid the spoilers going around on the internet.

A still from Agents of SHIELD
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What are the future shows of the Marvel Universe?

Now, as Agents of SHIELD comes to a close, the future of Marvel TV looks much more bright. This is because the studio will now be focussing on bringing its A-list talent to big-budget dramas on Disney+.

Although The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is not out due to the ongoing pandemic, it will be the first of these new projects to debut.

Stay safe and keep reading for more updates.

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