Agents of SHIELD: This Character Has A Sister! [SPOILER ALERT]

The eighth episode of the Agents of SHIELD season seven, which is also the final season, aired on the night of July 15. It followed by Yo-Yo(Natalia Cordova-Buckley) and May(Ming-Na Wen) as they visit Afterlife in the 1980s.

Before, and After marked the first appearance of Jiaying(Dichen Lachman) since the second season of the show. Jiaying died shortly after attempting to murder Daisy Johnson(Chloe Bennet), her own daughter. When she returned, we came to know about something big about the past of the family. It was that Daisy was not the only daughter of Jiaying.

Agents of SHIELD
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Agents of SHIELD

When they arrived at Afterlife for the first time, Yo-Yo and May saw Kora, played by Dianne Doan, a young woman attempting to escape. While moving forward through the episode, you will come to know t that Kora was unable to control her powers after going through the mist and she later decides to take away her own life. However, she failed in this attempt and was stopped by Nathaniel Malick(Thomas E. Sulivan) who now owns Quake abilities after doing experiments on Daisy.

Malick suggests Kora to stop trying to have control over her powers and just let them go loose. The real twist is revealed later, Kora is Jiaying’s daughter, which will eventually make her half-sister of Daisy.

Agents of SHIELD
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While we didn’t witness a reunion with Jiaying and Daisy this week, we are still hoping for one before we are done with the series. Especially, fans are eager to know the reaction of Daisy on knowing that her other family member has turned evil. This is going to be interesting as we can see if she gets to meet her future daughter, and also what will happen with her current daughter.

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