Alice In The Country Of Spades Otomate New Title Party conducted a live stream event on Friday. A lot of fans viewed the event. Idea Factory’s “Otomate New Title Party” event was for more revelations of trailer and specification about their upcoming games. In this event, they revealed a new trailer for Otomate’s Spade no Kuni no Alice (Alice in the Country of Spades) games.

They have announced that they will release the two new games. The game will be made available for the Nintendo Switch gaming console. Spade no Kuni no Alice – Wonderful White World and Spade no Kuni no Alice – Wonderful Black World is the title of the upcoming two games. Here’s the trailer for you!

Alice In The Country Of Spades: Why is it so famous?

Otomate has revived Artmove’s QuinRose brand to a better version. It is now known as “QuinRose Reborn” (Artmove suspended business in 2015). QuinRose’s Alice in the Country of… Otome is quite famous and one of their longest-running game series ever.

Artmove released several games under QuinRose brand. Some of these games are Alice in the Country of Hearts and Arabians Lost. Alice in the Country of Hearts also inspired a long-running string of manga adaptation. This manga adaptation received a huge response worldwide and became bestsellers in the United States. The franchise also spawned the anime film Alice in the Country of Hearts: Wonderful Wonder World and a stage musical.


Otomate New Title Party

The “Otomate New Title Party” event also revealed the following games:

  1. Title: Charade Maniacs; Platform: Nintendo Switch (port of PlayStation Vita game)
  2. Title: Tokeijikake Apocalypse; Platform: Nintendo Switch; Synopsis: A story that starts at the “bad end”
  3. Title: Paradigm Paradox; Platform: Nintendo Switch; Synopsis: Good or evil, which one will you choose?
  4. Title: Lover Pretend; Platform: Nintendo Switch; Synopsis: I don’t know “love,” so I can’t draw “love.” A modern love story a fake love that becomes real; Release Date: 2021; Game was originally announced in 2018 with a planned release in 2019.

Alice In The Country Of Spades and many more exciting games are on their way. Stay tuned and keep reading for the latest updates!