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#Alive: New Zombie Korean Drama Landing On Netflix In Sep

#Alive, the South Korean Thriller will be premiered on the streaming service providing platform, Netflix, internationally on September 8, 2020. Netflix will be screening the movie following the theatrical run of the movie in Korea. The movie was opened in Korean theatres back in the month of June and has already managed too gross over $13 million. The movie is based on an original script written by Matt Naylor, and the director of the film is IL CHO. The production of the film is done by Perspective Pictures and Zip Cinema.


As we read the description of the film, we learn that #Alive reveals the story of a mysterious outbreak of a virus that spreads throughout the modern-day Seoul suddenly and rapidly grows out of control. People there struggles to stay alive as the infection causes the victims to eat each other, and turns them into zombies.


#Alive Arriving on Netflix
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#Alive Synopsys | Trailer Updates | Cast Details

In addition t the synopsis, it says that Kim Yu-bin, played by Park Shin-hye and Oh Jun-u, played by Yoo Ah-in, struggle to survive from those who are infected with the virus in an apartment complex. They are trapped inside the apartment without any access to Wi-Fi, cellular data, text, or even phone calls. The only source of information about what is happening in the outside world available to them is the TV news and the view that they can see from their apartment windows.

Jun-u and Yu-bin are neighbours and have totally different personalities. Jun-u is a typical middle-class boy who enjoys social networking and computer games. He makes the use of technology to survive. Whereas on the other hand, Yu-bin makes use of telescopes and camping tools to survive. The pair using their different specialities, decide to work together to stay alive.

#Alive Premiering on Netflix
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Park Shine-hye is best known for her roles in Pinocchio, You Are Beautiful, and Memories of the Alhambra. The actor of the Korean drama, Yoo Ah-in is better known for his roles in Chicago, Veteran, and Six Flying Dragons.

If you are fond of this genre of movies, then you are advised to add #Alive in your watchlist for getting some pre-Halloween thrills. Netflix Asia has recently released the official trailer of the film. If you have not watched the trailer yet, then you can watch it just by clicking the link provided below.


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