All Together Now on Netflix: Know its Ending Better

‘All Together Now’ is a 2020 American drama film released on August 28 by Netflix. It is directed by Brett Haley. It is based on the novel Sorta Like Rockstar by Mathew Quick. Read on to know the plot of ‘All Together Now’ and its ending. Spoilers Ahead!

All Together Now: Plot

The movie revolves around a young girl named Amber Appleton and her struggling teen life. Amber and her mother hit rock bottom after the death of her father. Life seems to test their patience and keeps getting worse with each passing day. Things get really bad when they become homeless. Also, her mother finds herself into an abusive relationship to make things worse. Thus, the movie shows Amber thriving against all difficulties and achieving a meaningful life. She studies better, works hard against all odds but another tragedy creates more hopelessness in her already pitiful life.

All Together Now: Ending Explained

In the movie ‘All Together Now’, Amber’s life seems to reach the bottom of an abyss. After her father, she has to face her mother’s death too. She feels very guilty of not being there for her mother while she needed her. Also, she finds out her dog has some mass buildup in its body which needs to be operated as soon as possible. After her mother’s death, she could not risk her dog’s life. In order to get money for its operation, she starts working in extra shifts. She needs to work really hard for about seventy hours per week which causes her to drop out of school. In addition to that, due to the workload she also misses out her Carnegie interview in ‘All Together Now’.


She is surrounded by helpful people who understand her plight and try to extend a helping hand. However, she is used to dealing with the rough times all by herself so she does not think she need help from others. She is the kind of strong independent woman who takes the whole of responsibilities on her shoulders. Also, she finds it content to be working several hours as the overload of work helps her to be distracted. One can comprehend that living life without both of the parents is quite tough. She does not realize she could get some ease and a secure future by taking help from the people who are willing to assist her.

Friends like Family

Amber and her friends had been working on the Variety Show which they arrange every year for the needy. Ty, with the help of others, arrange it in Amber’s favor this year. The proceedings from the show will help the noble cause of treating her dog. The cumulative effort of the whole school helps her raise money closer to reach the $8000 mark.

There is a huge surprise anonymous donation of about $200,000. This huge amount of money would not only save her dog but also give her a secure future. Later on in ‘All Together Now’, it is revealed that Joan made that generous donation for Amber. She got attached to her and considered her as her own family.

Amber’s Realisation

Amber in All Together Now
Source: Netflix

After seeing the tremendous efforts and philanthropic help from everyone, Amber has a realization in ‘All Together Now’. She understands that it is absolutely okay to seek help from the people who genuinely care for you. This does not make you weak or a victim, in fact, makes you courageous to accept fate and fight against it. With the help of everyone, she gets ready for the Carnegie interview. Whether she gets selected or not is not shown in the movie and it is hardly important. The more important element for the plot of ‘All Together Now’ is the emotional growth of Amber over different phases of her life.

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Seeking help from others may seem indebting to her at first, but later on, she changes her mind. She realizes that having a secure future is more important as she can always repay the friends who always got her back during the difficult times. At the end of ‘All Together Now’, Amber is strong-willed to face life’s struggles with her determined mindset and also support from others. Thus, the movie ‘All Together Now’ gives us a vital moral about being optimistic during life’s challenges and overcome them eventually with assistance from our closed ones.

You can watch the movie on Netflix.

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