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All You Need To Know About Ghostwire Tokyo!

GhostWire Tokyo is the latest Video Game from Japan that’s making major buzz pre-release. However, with this eager anticipation, the game will also be facing a judgment trial. The latest from the vault of Tango Gameworks is just an addition to its legacy of developing horror games.

Although, for the anticipation, there’s a reason in relation to the great record of the game developers. The success ofThe Evil Within” and “The Evil Within 2” is a testament to the track record of Tango.

The initial announcement came in E3 2019 in Los Angeles and the fans are eager ever since. A special feature of the game is the personal touch from Shinji Mikami. Mikami is often known as the “Godfather Of Survival Horror” due to his major involvement in the Resident Evil series.

Ghostwire Tokyo Media
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What’s the story of GhostWire: Tokyo and What’s the hype about?

The video game is in the beautiful capital city of Japan, Tokyo. However, the game won’t be showing you much of the beauty because the situations don’t allow it. Although, the actual graphics and the cinematic shots are extremely picturesque.

In the universe of this game from the story mode’s beginning, you’re not staring into oblivion. A lot of the story is relative to the protagonist struggling to fight off the evil in the city. Meanwhile, Tokyo is overrun by deadly supernatural forces after an overwhelming majority of the city’s population is just gone.

There is a customizable arsenal of spectral abilities to combat the paranormal evil. Also, through the game, you unravel the spooky mystery behind the mass disappearances from the city.

Platform and features for the gameplay options:-

Tango Gameworks is harnessing the power and swiftness of PlayStation 5 to create a beautiful, supernatural version of Tokyo like never before. Along with that, we will see unparalleled tactile response for every ability and character movement with the dynamic dual-sense Wireless Controller.

Also, a welcome addition is a futuristic 3-Dimensional audio system that ensures an immersive experience. Gamers will definitely feel the adrenaline rush while making their way through the city with dangers to uncover every step of the way.

While the main release partner will be the brand new PS 5, PC gamers need not worry. While there’s no release date for the PC version, the officials make it clear that it won’t take long after the initial release.

At the end of the day, we can all be very excited about this major release in 2021. Who do you play as? Is the combat carrying over from “The Evil Within”? Is it a survival horror or the classic Japanese Adventure? Nobody knows. And everyone wants to find out.

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