Altered Carbon: Netflix Show To End After Just 2 Seasons!

According to some reports, the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix has cancelled the adaption of Altered Carbon after two seasons. The cancellation of this show has marked the end of another big-budget adaptation series for the streaming platform. As discussed with Deadline, the cancellation of the series after two seasons was decided back in April. Also, the decision was taken for the usual cost/benefit reasons of the company.

Altered Carbon
Image Source – Netflix

Let’s be clear with this too, this cancellation is not due to COVID-19 like the other cancellations declared by Netflix, like I Am Not Okay With This and The Society. Both the cancelled series have their next seasons lined up but unfortunately met their end due to the pandemic situation.

Altered Carbon cancelled by Netflix after two seasons | Know Why?

The fact that Altered Carbon is cancelled is not much surprising, as the show made its debut in the year 2018 as a gritty and adult science-fiction series. It was based on a popular series of novels with a very high budget. Joel Kinnaman, the one who starred in the first season of the show revealed that the budget of the first season was more than the first three seasons of Game of Thrones combined. There were big philosophical issues and even bigger action sequences in the show.

The show debuted and got a little appraisal and was doing well as we saw that Netflix rolled the dice for a second season on it. The second season of the show debuted earlier this year, and the budget of this season was kept much lower than the first. This eventually ended up with fewer episodes and less flashy effects and sets, which led to creating an even lesser impact. It was sure that this show is not going to be the next Game of Thrones, and this meant that Netflix was also not going to spend HBO-levels money on it.

Altered Carbon
Image Source – Netflix

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This is a cycle reminiscent of the Sense 8, the big-budget science-fiction series by Netflix, which was also the predecessor of Altered Carbon. It cost $9 million per episode, which makes it one of the most expensive TV shows ever made. However, it was also cancelled by Netflix after two seasons.

But unlike this show, Sense 8 was able to gather a deeper and a dedicated fan base. However, it was still not that big that could match the expense of the accounting sheet of Netflix.

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