Alum Karine Martins From ’90 Day Fiance’ Goes Missing Along With Her Son

Paul Staehle, 90 Day Fiancé star claimed in the Instagram story video series that Karine Martins, his wife has gone missing with their son, Pierre. This happened after the police were called at the house of the couple. The 37 years old TLC star shared a video that showed him in the hospital with a mask on his face on July 31, Friday. He was waiting for a test result there.

Karine Martins Goes Missing
Image Source – Champion Daily

Paul told his social media followers that his wife, Karine Martins, is missing along with their son Pierre, and he doesn’t know where they are and where they could have possibly gone. He also added that their neighbor told him that his wife hopped in a car, with no car seat, with their son aged around 16 months old. Staehle revealed that he texted the Brazil native’s mother, who was worried about the safety of hers and wanted to get a hold of her, but her phone was switched off.

Karine Martin missing | Know the reason behind her intentional leave!

Paul Staehle also posted revealing the news that he has been tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease and is in the stage of treating. He also instead that he has never cheated on his wife. He claimed two hours later that Martins had filed a full restraining order against him. The order clearly states that the TLC star is not allowed to be around his wife and their son, and he has to maintain a distance of 500 feet from them.

Paul Staehle
Image Source – Champions Daily

He also shared official paperwork which was claiming that Paul was armed with a weapon and was dangerous. Along with that, Martins has also claimed that her husband had raped her and restricted her from leaving the house.

He finally said that he just wants the best possible life for Pierre, his son.

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