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America Ferrera’s Superstore Return Extended | Get The First Look At Corona Virus Themed Season 6

America Ferrera is not punching out of Superstore as soon as we thought. It can be exclusively confirmed that Ferrera whose departure, that was previously announced was delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has signed on the contract which states that he would be making appearances in not one but two episodes of Season 6.

As a result, the milestone 100th episode of the sitcom will now double as Ferrera’s swan song. The news came as the Superstore is working on to incorporate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic into the farewell storyline of Amy, which began last season when she accepted a corporate gig in California.

America Ferrera in Superstore
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The co-showrunners of the show, Gabe Miller and Jonathan Green said that they are lucky enough to have America back for their first two episodes of the season. They added that there was so much that they wanted to explore with the coronavirus and how it changes the world of Cloud 9 that they decided to focus on that in the premiere, with Amy starting her new job remotely while still struggling to manage the store.

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America Ferrera’s Superstore Return Extended | Plus, Get a First Look at COVID-Themed Season 6

Continuingly they said that the second episode would be covering the last day of Amy at Cloud 9, so they can fully give her the sendoff she deserves. They added that it is also the 100th episode of Superstore, so they are excited that America will be celebrating the milestone with them.

America Ferrera in Superstore
Image Source – Comic Book

Elaborating further on the COVID theme of the sixth season, Miller and Green revealed that the premiere would be picking up where that cliffhanger of the last season left off as the virus will be delaying the move of Amy and Jonah to California. They explained that there are going to be time jumps within the episodes taking us through the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, gradually catching up to where things are now.

They will be showing how all of their characters are handling the uncertainty, the difficult and panicky customers, and the new demands of the job. That job includes Dina and Glenn, who initially enjoy being called heroes, but that surely does not last long.

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The sixth season of Superstore will be premiered on October 22, Thursday, NBC, 8/7c. For further updates on the show, make sure to visit this website regularly so that you do not miss out any update.

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