Amulet: What Was That Ending!

Amulet is the directorial debut of Romola Garai and it’s mind (Censored language) blowing. But that’s not just my opinion many have said so. With a mix of storytelling techniques and bizarre mythological references, it’s a really good symbolic movie. The story has lots of twists and turns and thrills along with good storytelling.

The Climatic sequence though left my thoughts into shambles. Some might consider it weird, some bizarre. Let’s discuss the ending and you can figure yourself out what you fee about. I am here to give you a perspective on certain things about the movie.

Amulet: Ending Explained

So the whole story f Amulet was building towards the end in a very strange symbolic way. In between the 2nd act or maybe at the start of the act you see that Tomaz sees the same sign on the house ceiling that he found on the amulet during its time as a guard. So it was clear that he was bound to be there. When the nun Sister Claire helped her get the job he found the whole thing very weird. The constant sound at the house from upstairs. Magda the daughter of the house that says it’s her elderly mother.

still from the movie ” Amulet”
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In the end, it’s revealed very dramatically that the noise from upstairs was not exactly an elderly mother but a man held captive. Garai decides to tell a bold story about the struggles of women these days. A Past sequence gives us the perspective that the main focus of the story – Tomaz is not exactly the “Hero” of the story.

In the very end, we get twist after twist as we see that the nun wasn’ actually a nun and the whole motive of her generousness was to make Tomaz go there so he could be the next captive. But Garia also justifies this absurdity by showing what Tomaz did and what happened with Miriam.

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The story is very thorough and symbolic. Amulet is a great watch if you are a fan of the genre. Overall I’ll say for a debut it’s a pretty great film. Arguments will be made upon the pace but the end seems to justify the means of the director. Do watch Amulet when you get a chance. Stay safe till then!



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