An American Pickle: An Inspiring Ending

‘An American Pickle’ is a comedy-drama film directed by Brandon Trost. It is based on ‘Sell Out‘ by Simon Rich. The film stars Seth Rogen in the lead and double role. The film got released digitally on HBO max on August 6, 2020.

An American Pickle: Plot

The lead character Herschel Greenbaum played by Seth Rogen, and his wife Sarah are struggling laborers. Back in the year 1920, they move to America where he works in a pickle factory. Due to an accident, he gets trapped in one of the pickle vat. This vat is opened after a hundred years in Brooklyn. He meets his only descendant there, who is his great-grandson Ben, also played by Seth Rogen.

An American Pickle: Ending Explained

When Herschel and Ben first met, both were overwhelmed with emotions as both were lonely in their respective lives. Ben works as a freelance app developer and has always been busy developing his own app called ‘Beep Bop’. His parents had died in a car accident and thus leaving him alone. On the other hand, Herschel has been trapped in the vat for many years. Along the way his wife died, he could never meet his son and everything he had planned in life turned futile.

Seth Rogen in An American Pickle
Source: HBO MAX

During the course of the movie ‘An American Pickle’, both Ben and Herschel bond over
their family and a love for their hometown Shtell. However, due to the generation gap and different ideologies, they part ways. Ben tries to ruin Herschel’s pickle business which also leads Herschel to disguise as Ben and indulge in a fistfight later on. Thus, Ben gets deported to Schlupsk due to his great grandfather.

As time passes both tend to understand each other’s values and emotions. Ben realizes the importance of his roots, accepts his Jewish identity, and mourns his parents’ death open-heartedly. Meanwhile, Herschel always considered Ben to be a disbeliever of his religion and family traditions. However, he realizes that the main reason for Ben to create his dream app is his parents! He always wanted to make his family proud, this changes Herschel’s idea about his great-grandson.

Family Reconciliation

A scene from An American Pickel Source: HBO MAX

At the end of the movie, they both apologize to each other for their mistakes. They both accept the beautiful truth that they are biologically a family and the only ones who are alive. Both agree to work together by using Herschel’s pickle-making skills, and Ben’s intellect about the internet and the latest technology.

The ending scene of ‘An American Pickle’ shows both of them standing in the graveyard. Herschel is ready to adjust to certain adaptations of the modern generation. He realizes time changes and a person has to adapt accordingly in order to keep moving. On the other hand, Ben also acknowledges his family traditions and realizes how much ever we flourish, it’s important to stay connected to our roots and family.

Thus, ‘An American Pickle’ is a wholehearted movie with an inspiring message at the end.

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