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An Easy Girl: Does Naima Become The Actress She’s Supposed To?

An Easy Girl is a French Comedy/drama movie directed by Rebecca Zlotowski, starring Zahia Dehar and Mina Farid. It was released back in September of 2019 in film-festivals around Europe. Netflix has picked up the movie since then. The film really sits well with the critics with rotten tomatoes giving it a complete 100%. Those of you have not yet watched it – Spoiler Alert!. For the rest, let’s take a dig at the ending.

An Easy Girl: Ending Explained

Naïma spends her days with her cousin Sofia – An Easy Girl or best friend Dodo, all the while avoiding the inevitable need to find work and that likely be with her mother, However, as Sofia, her cousin who barely works, and mostly seems to be eye candy, and someone’s future trophy wife, shows the access her purchased beauty can give, Naïma comes to a crossroad. Not one that leads her to believe with the right assets she can follow in Sofia’s footsteps. 

The story follows the struggle of Naïma, trying to figure out what to do and who to follow. So what happens at the end? Sofia’s ways of being an Easy Girl did not give her the happy ending she wanted. Her methods of getting by with her sexuality ended up in her being left alone. When it was discovered that she steals and when Andrew her August ended with her downfall. That leads us back to Naïma

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Naïma, in the end, decides not to follow Sofia in her footsteps (a typical little coming of age expected result) and decides to pay attention to her mother. She had a dream of becoming an actress, but she decided to take up cooking, and in the movie ends, we see her being introduced as a chef. So what we make of the end of is, hard work is essential for freedom as put by Naïma’s mother. A Girl Next door uses the backdrop of a coming of age movie to give us a different message than usual.

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