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Luis Llosa directed the first series of Anacondas in 1997. It is an American film, and Jim Cash, Jack Epps Jr, created the series. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment produced and distributed the film.

Anaconda 1997
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Till now, there are five parts of Anaconda:

  • Anacondas – Which was released in 1997. The story is about a group of people who were shooting a documentary on the tribe called Shirishamas on the Amazon River. The boat includes the documentary group, boat skipper, and Paul Serone, the snake hunter. In the end, only Terri, Danny, and Cale left, and they float downriver.
  •  Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid – It was released in 2004, was directed by Dwight H. Little. The series is about a team of researchers who were searching for a flower, which bring longer and healthier life for the human. But they were hunted by Deadly Anacondas, who were populated in the island.
  • Anacondas 3: Offspring –  It was directed by Don E. Fauntleroy, and released in 2008. there is a researcher Dr. Amanda Hayes who accepts the proposal of a mission to capture a deadly Anaconda. According to them, the snake could help cure a terminal illness.
  • Anaconda: Trail of Blood – The film was released in 2009, and was directed by Don E. Fauntleroy. Peter Reyner, use the baby Anaconda for searching that why Anacondas grow very large and live longer. But after the experiment, he burn that baby and was killed by long Anaconda.
  • Lake Placid vs. Anaconda – It was a crossover film between Lake Placid vs. Anaconda and Lake Placid. It was directed by A.B. stone in 2015 and was written by Berkeley Anderson.
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Anaconda Reboot | Release Date

According to reports, it was an order to make a reboot of the 1997 Anacondas. Writer of Tomb Raider, Evan Daugherty, is assigned for the film. Well, the directors, Producer, and release date of the film is not decided yet.

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