Animal Crossing: New Horizons- How are CJ and Pascal interconnected?

Just in time for the summer season, New Horizons adds new features and encounters to the game, Animal Crossing. These features include new mermaid-themed furniture and the ability to swim in the ocean and collect sea creatures. This opens up a possibility of encountering returning NPC Pascal, which may or may not be related to fish-obsessed NPC: C.J.

Like all the other new NPC characters in New Horizons, there are theories regarding C.J.’s parentage and other relations. He tells other players that he got his passion for fishing from his dad. He further adds, his dad loves the sea but is not very good at catching things. Now, Pascal’s introduction in New Horizons may confirm that he and C.J. are related in some way.

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One thing is for sure, since C.J. and Pascal are from different animal species, they are not related biologically. However, there is still a possibility that C.J. can be Pascal’s adopted son. We saw that Pascal has never been traditionally fishing but he still loves the ocean. So, it is quite possible that C.J. is referring to Pascal in his dialogue.

As we are seeing, Pascal’s personality is very relaxed and philosophical. He is always eager to give strangers presents and give out advice whenever he feels someone needs it. However, C.J. is much more straightforward and his easy-going personality can be inherited from Pascal.

A still from Animal Crossing
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Another, more relevant theory is that C.J. is related to another beaver character Chip. Chip was the previous host of the fishing tourneys in some past games. Also, since both beavers love to fish and both have the same “Nyuk, nyuk!” catchphrase, Chip can evidently be C.J.’s biological father.

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Although it does not seem likely Pascal is C.J.’s father, there is a possibility for some kind of connection between the two.

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