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Animal Kingdom Season 5: Filming Wrapped, When To Expect It On Screens

In the event that you didn’t know the news already, the filming for Animal Kingdom season 5 has now officially wrapped up. With that in mind, it is time for another key question what is next? Is there anything more to anticipate?

For starters, we think it is probably fair to say that there won’t be too many more announcements for the rest of the year. If there was, we would honestly be somewhat surprised. Why unveil this much so close to the holidays?

Animal Kingdom Season 5
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You really begin to run the risk that you just get a bit lost in the shuffle. This is a show that deserves the maximum exposure, and we are sure that the folks over at TNT agree.

This is one of their most popular shows in terms of its ratings, and it does have a really dedicated audience to go along with it.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 | Filming Wrapped, When To Expect It On Screens

The very first thing that we would expect to come out from here is some sort of premiere-date announcement or a teaser. We feel hopeful that this will surely be coming over the next couple of months.

Unless the network deliberately wants to save the show until the month of May, there’s no reason to think that it couldn’t be ready to start in the month of February or March. Another show in Snowfall, which has been on a similar production schedule, is airing starting in late February of the year 2021.

Whenever the premiere-date announcement is made, we’re sure TNT will prepare a trailer to be the next big thing that falls. There are a lot of questions out there about this new season, as there should be. There are questions aplenty as to how this world is going to work without Smurf.

We will be updating this article as soon as anything official is released from the makers of the fifth season of your favorite show.


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