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Animal Kingdom: Season 5 Sparks August 2020 Release Rumors! Are They True?

Hey, Ya fellas! How you all are doing? Hope everyone is safe and sound. Moreover, you all are taking proper measures to be safe. 2020 hasn’t been the year we wanted. Apart from the daily struggles, the wait for new seasons and shows has only increased. However, in this hustle, there is this Animal Kingdom, whose season 5 supposedly will release in August. For some, it’s a rumor and for some good news. So, come let’s check what is the truth.

Are the rumors true? (Image: Netflix)

Everything About Animal Kingdom

It is one of the most awaited crime thriller drama on Netflix. Apparently, it was first aired 4 years back and still doesn’t fail to garner fan base and support. Moreover, it has a huge fan base. Over the years it has succeeded in making a separate place in viewers’ hearts. The animal kingdom has not only garnered the fan’s support but even the critical acclaim.

But why is it so popular? The reason is the plot and the storyline that keeps the interest and loyalty towards the show intact. Even though the story started with the death of a kid’s mom. However, its transit to him leading a life full of crimes.

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Will Season 5 Scheduled in August 2020?

The show recently followed a pattern of airing each season around May. Season four, truth be told, was released on 28th May 2019, precisely a year after the third season. Be that as it may, this season didn’t show up in May regardless of being renewed back in July 2019.

Innocence to the World of crime (Image: Youtube)

We don’t have anything to fault however the pandemic. The shooting of the Animal Kingdom was brought to an end in March because of the flare-up of coronavirus. Although a great part of the work was done as of now, it was as yet postponed.

As of now, there isn’t any official date of release of the same. However, there are a few rumors that the Animal Kingdom will be aired in August this year. However, anytime when a show or its new season is about to release social media is filled with it. Because,  social media marketing and promotion have become an essential and most effective part of promotions. However, we don’t have any sort of these things on the web now. So the news doesn’t seem to be true.

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Having said that, the new season will be released this year itself. However, this year doesn’t seem to end soon.

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