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Animal Kingdom: New Face For Deran’s Father Billy From His Younger Years! Who’s Playing The Role?

Animal Kingdom season 5 casts a young version of Denis Leary’s Billy.

The time wheel in Animal Kingdom is turning back, and they are introducing a hunk into the scene. The makers are bringing a fresh face to Deran’s estranged father. Anthony Konechny will portray the character of young Billy (Denis Leary) when the TNT drama returns. 

Denis Leary (Source: Insider)

Animal Kingdom Season 5

Production for season 5 resumed in early September after being interrupted by the pandemic. In the previous season (aired in August 2019), Ellen Barkinwho plays Smurf’s character, left the show. It came as a massive shock to the fans as well as the plot, but as Charlie Mason (TVLine) mentioned, “he daring move suggests that the TNT drama will only become more compelling in Season 5.” The twist and turns in season four took us through a roller coaster ride. But, the star of the show was the plot where Smurf’s testament came into the picture. Ellen was not satisfied with how things went along with her character. She also joked about Smurf’s will on her Twitter, saying, “She left her boys a hit TV show.”

Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom (Source: TEN)

The ending of the fourth season brought a massive conflict between the boys. The heartbreaking episode revolves around Deran and Adrian’s story with a never saw twist. But, Angela’s big confession at the end calms everyone’s nerves. Well, it seems like the show can continue without Ellen Barkin. Further, J eventually joined his uncles at Casa Cody, where he suggested J to hold a memorial for Smurf to tell people that they are still in the business. But, who would handle it, is still a mystery.

Who is Anthony Konechny?

Anthony Konechny (Source: Pinterest)

Anthony Konechny is a Canadian actor who started his career in 2013. His famous works include Demon Soldier in Supernatural, Agent Perkins in The Tomorrow People, MX-43’1′ in Almost Human, and Mandrake in Witches of East End. His movie career picked up after he played the role of Paul Clayton in Fifty Shades of Gray.  

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When will the production wrap?

Originally, Animal Kingdom was scheduled to release in May 2020. The network renewed the show in July 2019, but the production was paused due to a pandemic on March 16, 2020. However, similar to some other production houses, the cast started reshooting in September. Fans were thrilled by the fact that the entire cast has reunited for the upcoming season. According to production, season 5 will have thirteen episodes.

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