Anime Expo Lite: Crunchyroll Announces A New Original Anime

Anime Expo Lite has been a blessing in disguise for all the anime lovers. As Crunchyroll gave us the gift of bearing 2020 I.e. it has announced three new originals. All the series that will be released by Crunchyroll are Ex-Arm, Tonikawa: Over The Moon and So I’m a Spider, So What?

This article conveys all the details regarding the originals. So Jump in let’s go to the anime world.

Tonikawa: Story of Newlyweds (Image: Anime Trending)

Crunchyroll Original- Tonikawa: Over The Moon

Tonikawa: Over The Moon was announced by Crunchyroll as an original to be released soon. The anime focuses on the married life of the newlyweds. It is a comic series based on the Kenjiro Hata’s, ” Hayate The Combat Buttler”. The series focuses on Nasa Yusaki who falls in love with a strange Tsukasa. On Nasa’s asking Tsukasa for a date, she agrees. However, she asks him to get married to her if he wants her as his girlfriend. They get married and the life of newlyweds begin.

Crunchyroll has released the official trailer of the anime. However, the original is set to release in October 2020.

Why a Spider! (Image: Pinterest)

Crunchyroll officiated the release of, “So, I’m a Spider, So What?

The anime original focuses on the story of a young girl who was reborn but this as a Spider. In this new life of a spider, she has the brain of a human. However, she is the least ranked beast. So, in order to survive, she has to use her human brain and will power along with her web.
The official trailer of the show has released.
However, this Crunchyroll original is set to release next year in January.

Real-life superheroes: Security Forces (Image: Comics Beat)

Ex-Arm: To Be Released Soon

The Crunchyroll Original is the story of a police officer. The story moves forward as he along with his partner infiltrates in smuggling. However, the partner of the protagonist is an Android who helps the police officer to stop the arms smuggling in 2030.

The release date hasn’t been officiated yet. However, the trailer launch is scheduled soon. The exact date of any of the Crunchyroll original is not announced yet. However, we will update you for the same as soon as it officiates.

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