Food Wars! Filler List (Shokugeki no Souma)

Food Wars! is a comedy, a slice-of-life anime series. The series was aired in 2015 and till the end of the year. In total Food Wars! has 24 episodes. Officially, Food Wars! has no reported filler. Thus, the filler rate of the anime series is zero percentage.

The story focuses on the bond of father and son. Souma helps his father since childhood by providing a helping hand in the restaurant works

Food Wars! is adapted from the Japanese manga series with the same name. Yūto Tsukuda has written and Shun Saeki has illustrated the manga series.


  • Genre- Cooking; Codemy; Slice of life
  • Directed by- Yoshitomo Yonetani
  • Written by- Shogo Yasukawa
  • Music by- Tatsuya Kato
  • Studio- J.C.Staff
  • Rating- 8.2/10  on IMDb
  • Watch On- Crunchyroll
  • Total Episode- 24

Since his childhood days, he helps his father in managing restaurant chores. Throughout the year he developed a passion for entertaining the customers with his creativity. His skills, daring culinary creations, and kindness never fail to amaze customers.

Food Wars Filler List
Food Wars Filler List

Quick List

Manga Canon Episodes:

Mixed Filler Episodes:

Filler Episodes:

Anime Canon Episodes:

Food Wars! Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 An Endless Wilderness MANGA CANON 2015-04-03
2 God’s Tongue MANGA CANON 2015-04-10
3 That Chef That Doesn’t Smile MANGA CANON 2015-04-17
4 Maria of the Polar Star MANGA CANON 2015-04-24
5 The Ice Queen and the Spring Storm MANGA CANON 2015-05-01
6 The Meat Invader MANGA CANON 2015-05-08
7 A Quiet Don, An Eloquent Don MANGA CANON 2015-05-15
8 Concerto of Ideas and Creation MANGA CANON 2015-05-22
9 The Coating that Colors the Mountain MANGA CANON 2015-05-29
10 The Supreme Recette MANGA CANON 2015-06-05
11 The Magician that Came from the East MANGA CANON 2015-06-12
12 Memories of a Dish MANGA CANON 2015-06-19
13 The Eggs Before Dawn MANGA CANON 2015-06-26
14 Metamorphose MANGA CANON 2015-07-03
15 The Man Who was Called an “Asura” MANGA CANON 2015-07-17
16 The Cook Who Has Traveled Thousands of Miles MANGA CANON 2015-07-24
17 Sensual Karaage MANGA CANON 2015-07-31
18 The Karaage of Youth MANGA CANON 2015-08-08
19 The Chosen Ones MANGA CANON 2015-08-14
20 The Dragon Lies Down and Ascends the Skies MANGA CANON 2015-08-21
21 The Unknown Known MANGA CANON 2015-08-28
22 Those Beyond Ordinary MANGA CANON 2015-09-05
23 A Recital of Blossoming Individuals MANGA CANON 2015-09-11
24 The Warriors’ Banquet MANGA CANON 2015-09-25

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