Handa-kun Filler List

Handa-Kun is horror, dark fantasy-based anime series. The series was aired in 2016 and till the end of the year. In total Handa-Kun has 12 episodes. Officially, Handa-Kun has 1 reported filler. Thus, the filler rate of the anime series is 8 percentage.

Handa-Kun is adapted from the Japanese manga series with the same name. Satsuki Yoshino has written and illustrated the manga series.

The main focus of the series is on Handa Sei. He is in high school life. He believes that he is hated by everybody in the school.


  • Genre- Comedy, Slice of Life
  • Directed by- Yoshitaka Koyama
  •  Written by- Michiko Yokote
  • Music by- Ken Itō
  • Studio- Diomedéa
  • Rating- 7.2/10  on IMDb
  • Watch On- Crunchyroll
  • Total Episode- 12

Handa usually thinks everybody around him hates him. But it is not true. On the contrary, there exists a fan club to protect him.


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Manga Canon Episodes:

Mixed Filler Episodes:

Filler Episodes:

Anime Canon Episodes:

Handa-kun Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Handa-kun and a Girl’s Friendship MANGA CANON 2016-07-08
2 Handa-kun and the Continuation of Episode 1 / Handa-kun and the Chairperson / Handa-kun and the Model MANGA CANON 2016-07-15
3 Handa-kun and the Truant / Handa-kun and Cooking Class / Handa-kun and his friend MANGA CANON 2016-07-22
4 Handa-kun and Handa-kun? / Handa-kun and a Girl’s Jealousy / Handa-kun and Sociability MANGA CANON 2016-07-29
5 Handa-kun and Student Council / Handa-kun and Memory Loss MANGA CANON 2016-08-05
6 Handa-kun and Friend of a Friend / Handa-kun and Dash Higashino / Handa-kun and Palm Reading MANGA CANON 2016-08-12
7 Handa-kun and the Supplementary Exam / Handa-kun and the Library MANGA CANON 2016-08-19
8 Handa-kun and the School Trip MIXED CANON/FILLER 2016-08-26
9 Handa-kun and the Frog / Handa-kun and the Stalker FILLER 2016-09-02
10 Handa-kun and the Average Guy / Handa-kun and the Bishoujo” MANGA CANON 2016-09-09
11 Handa-kun and the Cultural Festival Preparations MANGA CANON 2016-09-16
12 Handa-kun and the Cultural Festival MANGA CANON 2016-09-23

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