Anna Camp: Pitch Perfect Star Was COVID-19 Positive! Here’s What She Revealed.

Hey, ya fellas! How are you doing? Hope everyone is safe and sound. Moreover, you are taking all the measures to be safe. Imagine in this pandemic being on the wrong side, Scary! isn’t it? But it has happened, the Perfect Pitch, Anna Camp has been tested COVID positive. This article will talk about every detail of the same.

Please wear a mask (Image: Pinterest)

Anna Camp: COVID 19 Positive.

The perfect pitch actress revealed that she was tested COVID positive. Moreover, she said, ” I went to a public event without mask and rest is history.”

Anna took her social media account on Instagram to urge people to wear masks. Also, she informed her fans and followers about the symptoms faced by her.

Anna Camp said, ” I have been taking all the measures to prevent Corona. However, during the initial days of unlocking, I decide to forgo the mask and that’s when I got it. It was in a public gathering where I decided to go without a mask.”

Not wearing mask cost me my senses (Image: Pinterest)

Anna Camp: Don’t Compare Flu and COVID 19

She while quoting herself on Instagram said, ” one shouldn’t compare Flu with COVID 19. As its definitely not that. Being COVID positive I lost two of my senses. These senses were a sense of taste and smell. Moreover, it was not in my knowledge that when did it happen. Moreover, I even don’t know when will it come back.”

She added, ” Even though now I have been tested negative still my senses don’t respond much. Like I still have only 30% of my smelling sense. ”

Instagram Post Urging fans to wear a mask (Image: Instagram)

Do Take The Measures To Prevent COVID 19

Anna Camp, now I have tested COVID Negative. However, I still have some symptoms such as the upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, extreme fatigue, dizziness, impacted sinuses, and fever.

She asked her fans and followers to wear a mask and take proper precautions. Anna Camp said, even though it is a very small thing but can protect lives. So please wear a mask. Moreover, she added that she didn’t want her fans to undergo the same pain that she did.

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