Anti-Trump Ballad Of Demi Lovato: Big Highlights Of Billboard Music Awards

As the Presidential election in the United States grows closer, many of the celebrities have become increasingly outspoken about the Politics. But Demi Lovato, the pop star, went one step ahead this week, as she released a very direct song slamming the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, which is titled, “Commander in Chief,” invoking the COVID-19 pandemic and the reckoning of the country with Police brutality and racism. Demi sang the ballad live for the first time at the Billboard Music Awards, which aired on NBC on Wednesday night, without an audience and adhering to the pandemic protocols.

Billboard Music Awards
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Right after this, a music video of the song was dropped by Lovato and it ended with an image that read, “VOTE.”

Anti-Trump Ballad Of Demi Lovato | Big Highlights Of Billboard Music Awards

It was reported that the Billboard performance of Lovato was originally supposed to conclude with the same message written “VOTE” on it on the big screen, but NBC changed the course and it ended on a close-up shot of the singer.

Lovato sang on stage while she was playing her piano, “Commander in chief, honestly, if I did the things you do I could not sleep, seriously, Do you even know the truth? She added that we are in a state of crisis where people are dying, while you(the President) line your pockets deep. Commander in chief, how does it really feel to still be able to breathe?

Well, Demi Lovato was ready for the backlash, as the musicians and singers are often told to just shut up and do their job, sing, if they express any personal opinion of them. When she released the song on her social media platform, Instagram handle, early Wednesday, she took a screenshot of one of the negative comments. 

Billboard Music Awards
Image Source – Allure

The comment read, “I hope that you realize that this makes people that do not have the same political views feel like that they can not listen to you anymore. We could care less what you do post about politics but this song is really going too far, and I hope that this does not ruin your career.”

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She wrote that as a celebrity she has a right to political views as well, and we should not forget that she is not just around to entertain people for her entire life and that she is a citizen of the same country.

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