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Apple CEO Tim Cook Hits Back At Facebook With Elegant Tweet

Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted a preview of what may be Facebook’s worst nightmare. And iOS 14’s forthcoming user choice to allow tracking crosswise apps and sites.

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Privacy settings:

Apple CEO Tim Cook issued a simple but powerful response on Twitter to the full-page ads Facebook ran. In numerous publications challenging Apple on its private labels. As and when they are claiming to be standing with small businesses. Privacy numbers are now active in iOS 14.3. Also, but the next phase of the privacy frameworks may not for some time. Cook’s tweet introduced a mockup of an iPhone request asking the user whether Facebook can track them. Some may see this when using Facebook on iOS 14, though that same feature isn’t live yet.

Facebook’s ads ran in newspapers, including the New York TimesWashington Post. And Wall Street Journal, stating, “We’re standing up to Apple for small businesses everywhere.” This was in response to Apple’s proposed privacy changes, which started with App Store privacy labels in iOS 14.3. Facebook makes most of its revenue from advertising. So any change that may change user statistics and demographics is a commercial interest.

Tim Cook’s Reply:

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s public reply to Facebook’s ad came via a tweet that showed the request to appear in a future version of iOS 14, expected to arrive early in 2021. The user’s options are to ‘Allow’ tracking of activity across apps and websites that belong to other companies or to ‘Ask App not to Track.’0 The way permissions typically work is for the app to either continue working without authorization or prevent the app’s use if permission denied. It will be interesting to find out how Facebook intends to handle this challenge when the moment arrives.

The social media giant is concerned that many will choose to stop tracking or uninstall it. The recent App Store privacy disclosures for the Facebook app are quite daunting, requiring users to scroll through over ten pages on an iPhone to see the entire list. At the time of publishing, Cook’s tweet has over 11,000 retweets, over 2,500 quote tweets, and over 75,000 likes, including one from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

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