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Apple is finally working on a feature that Android phones already had!

It’s a common saying if you want to buy iPhones, then you need to sell your kidneys.. isn’t true? I feel most of us have heard this. Well, jokes apart. Have you ever imagined why do Apple’s iPhones are so costly and the normal mobile phones are not that costly like that of Apple’s iPhone? Well, to talk about these things, here is the article dedicated to the new patent of Apple’s company related to its devices. So let’s talk about it.

Is Apple’s iPhone working on Android Mobile features?

Apple is one of the greatest giant multinational IT company just like that of Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft. Apple has always been known for its great security process. If you are the iPhone user, then you will be well aware of the fact that Apple iPhones don’t allow multiple user interfaces in its devices, so according to the new patent law, now Apple needs to prepare the feature of multiple user access account systems in its iPhones.

According to the new Apple’s patent law, Apple needs to come up with the features of Android Mobile that can provide the multiple user interface access in the iPhones. Apple which was always known for its security process has now need to overcome the security issues that would come during the multiple access account systems in the iPhones.

According to Apple’s insider, now Apple will redefine its security process by asking multiple access passcodes that would allow users to login with their secret passcodes and logout the account once the work is done.

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