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Aquaman 2 to get new female lead to sideline Amber Heard? Who’s She?

Is Warner Bros searching another actress to replace Amber Heard, the queen of Aquaman? Will Amber’s fan won’t see her in the upcoming movie Aquaman 2? Well, if you are also searching for this update, then you have landed to the correct meeting platform, to get all the details about the news of Amber Heard replacement with that of another actress. So let’s talk about it in great detail.

Reason for Amber Heard replacement with another actress

If you are Amber Heard’s fan and disappointed with the news about her absence in Aquaman 2, then this article is for you. There are some of the major reasons because of which, Warner Bros and Aquaman team is thinking to replace Amber Heard with other actresses. The reasons are :

1) A few months ago, we have witnessed the Amber Heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp controversial war about the domestic violence on Amber. Because of this, this case has reached to the higher authorities and now every production team is withdrawing Amber Heard from their movies so that they can’t get into any of the controversial war of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

2) Amber Heard has a crucial war with Johnny Depp and Depp is the other VIP of Hollywood Industry, so it might be possible that due to their outrage, other production teams don’t want to have any problems with that of Depp by appointing Amber Heard in the lead role.

Note : Still there is no confirmation from the side of Aquaman, if Amber Heard will not be in the upcoming project of Aquaman 2.  

Who is going to replace Amber Heard in upcoming movie Aquaman 2?

Well, there are no notifications yet about the actress who is going to replace Amber Heard in the upcoming movie, Aquaman 2. According to the sources, the public is going on protest for not accepting any other actress in place of Amber. Due to this response of the public, Aquaman 2 production has come to halt and now the team is trying to compromise with the role of Amber. It might be possible that Amber’s scene gets its end in starting of the Aquaman 2 so that they won’t become the outburst of public response for replacing Amber with that of another actress.

*Currently, Amber Heard Is Seen In The Upcoming Project Of Aquaman 2, It Will Now Be Decision Of Aquaman 2, whether To Replace Amber From Aquaman 2 Or Not.* 

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