Hey, ya fellas! Wassup? Hope you all are doing great and are safe. This article talks about Arakure Knight and its finale release of manga series. The 15th release of Young Champion magazine announced that Arakure Knights will conclude this month. However, the last issue of the magazine will happen on 28 July.


Remember Tomorrow. (Image: Youtube)

Arakure Knight: The Plot

Yoshida’s manga focuses on Haruma Yuki. Haruma wants to be part of the motorcycle gang ‘Linda’. Moreover, the manga shows the efforts put in by Haruma to be part of the gang. Also, it portrays the events that occurred as Linda and Zemba, the leader of Linda, clash with their rivals.

Moreover, Arakure Knight was first released by Yoshida in the Young Champion in March 2018. A book that compiled the episodes of the manga series was published by Akita Shoten on 20th February.


28 July the Finale. (Image: Manga)


The Journey till now

The original manga series of Yoshida’s Arakure Knight was released from 1995- 2005. It was published in Akita Shoten’s Young King Magazine. After this Kōkō Bakusō was released followed by Kuroi Zankyō Kanketsu-hen manga. However, it ended in February 2016.

Arakure Knight: The Inspiration

Arakure Knights inspired many series of stories. Shin Shōnan Bakusōzoku Arakure Knight’s original video anime was inspired by the Arakure Knights which released in 1997. It was made in remembrance of Yoshida’s Shōnan Bakusōzoku. However, there is no between the stories of the two.
It was also the basis of two action movies in 2007.


Arakure Knights will be remembered tomorrow. (Image: Young King Magazine)

The last and final episode of the manga will be published on 28th July. As of now, there have been three versions of Arakure Knight. Remember Tomorrow being the last however, there are chances of new manga under the same name Arakure Knights.

To know about it at the earliest, stay tuned with us.