Ariana Grande-playing the role of Meg in Hercules

Ariana Grande is an American singer, songwriter, and actress who gave super hit songs such as ‘Problem,’ ‘Bang Bang.” Dangerous Woman’,’Thank you,’ etc. Ariana Grande has impressed the audience with her charisma and utopian personality.

She sang the song “I won’t say I’m in love” for the movie Hercules. She is also known to be a big fan of Disney’s Hercules. It is known that Disney has remade several animated movies like Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, Jungle king, Alladin, etc.

Into live-action, they might plan to make the same for Hercules. Upon listening to this news, Disney fans showed interest in the fact that Ariana is perfect for the role of Megara, also known as Meg.

About Meg:

Meg is introduced as an independent, passionate, and undaunted and quick-witted personality who has her heartbroken by men and shares a negative experience. She is shown to play a heroic role in Hercules. She has a fear of height. Meg overcomes it in the end by saving Hercules.

Voice of meg was given by actress Susan Egan. The character of Meg is shown as a cynical young woman. Meg is enslaved by Hades, god of the underworld.

Megara(also known as Meg)

Why Ariana Grande’s fans think she is the right choice for the role of Meg??

As soon as the fan heard of the live-action version, they showed a great interest in looking upon Ariana Grande playing the role of Meg. Listening upon the news, Ariana was overwhelmed and got flattered. She also thanked her fans for the sweet gesture. Among the various casting, Ariana has become popular for the news that she should be seen playing the role of Meg.

Listening to a source, it is said that looking upon Ariana’s obsession with music. She had also sung a song, “I won’t say (I’m in love)” on the Disney family that got aired on ABC earlier this month—making her perfect for the role of Meg. However, nothing has been declared officially yet.

Ariana Grande

A source also said that Grande would instead prefer to perform than to take upon a starring role, but the love that her fans showed her is a big compliment for her.

Ariana Grande fans shut down McPhee when she tweeted a picture of herself next to a screengrab of Meg with a caption “OK..hear me out” and showed interest in Ariana playing the role of Meg. Josh Gad, who gave his voice for the Olaf in Frozen, also agreed upon the fact that Ariana is perfect for the role of Meg.

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