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Asta Transforms Into A Mighty Demon- Black Clover!

2021 has come with an incredible plot point for the character of Asta in Black Clover. In the Episode number 158, audiences are finally looking at the next stage of character development of Asta. A much more powerful and almighty demonic form of one of the most interesting pieces from the cast so far.

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[The development of this arc of Black Clover is now heavily dependent on the future of Asta.]

All the details from the fireworks from the latest Black Clover chapter:-

Viewers of the show got their sights on The Dark Triad’s leaders. However, this isn’t an isolated event considering the fact that the Spade Kingdom arc is in the last few stages. All the supreme leaders are in total control of the Spade Kingdom now and are making their way towards Heart Kingdom.

One of the most striking parts of the latest episode was the exhibition of Asta’s new abilities. While he looks considerably different with a much menacing look, there’s also an important addition to his weaponry. Asta now yields an incredible sword which represents his amplified power and new skills.

The look is meant to portray him as a bit older, more mature, and much more masculine than before. Although we did see him here and there in the previous few episodes, this is a totally and intentionally distinct appearance for Asta.

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What’s vext for Black Clover post this massive character turnaround?

The show is set to fixate more on Asta’s new powers in the upcoming fight. This is because both Dante and Vanica also seem to be really mighty when they make an appearance.

Dante is the oldest and probably the mightiest, while Zenon is the one seen a few dozen episodes back at the Diamond Kingdom. Meanwhile, Vanica is seemingly the youngest, most chipper, and the only female in this crew.

While the Asta transformation is a highlight, it’s not the only eye-grabber. For all of the flashy action scenes and villain introductions, the pre “Petit Clover” scene is the closure of the episode. That’s when Ralph, the guy who we saw in episode 156 crossing the Strong Magic Zone, stumbles into Hague village. He mumbles “Yuno-sama” before passing out under the gaze of Sister Lily.

Tatsuya Yoshihara, with Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, will have to decide what way the story goes, and the audience is right behind them.

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