Attack On Titan: 2 Kills That Broke Everyone’s Heart          

Attack On Titan is full of twists and turns from the very beginning. They have managed to keep fans on their toes all the time. The series’ finale is inching ever closer and the excitement is increasing proportionally.

Hajime Isayama has created an anime franchise. He has given us such a masterpiece, and also a few shocks along the way. There are a few most disturbing deaths in the series that we may have ever encountered during the manga’s history.

Attack On Titan: A new Survey Corps!

A new Survey Corps is under formation to fight against a new, yet familiar, threat. The world’s fate is hanging in their hands. Scores of innocents are being lost in the final battle. This will surely change the war between Marley and Eldia that has been raging for years!

Attack On Titan
Source: Funimation

Caution! If you have not yet watched the manga’s latest chapter, Chapter 131, then do not read this article any further. Also, if you are unaware of the anime’s latest events, then do ignore reading as this article contains many spoilers.

Eren Jaeger is losing his mind and has gone completely insane. There only one way to escape this turmoil, redemption. But he seems is a phase where that also seems impossible. He traveled back in time with his brother Zeke Jaeger, aka the Beast Titan. This has made him gone mad with power.

He now has the Founding Titan’s power and is gaining control over every Titan in the world. Eren has declared that he would destroy everyone whose veins don’t have Eldian blood running in them. He is determined to accomplish this and no one stands in his way.

Attack On Titan
Source: Funimation

Eren unleashes a wall of Titans, referred to as the “Rumbling”, that have begun crushing everything in their path.

Saddening Deaths

The new Survey Corps is busy fighting Eren’s goals. This anarchy has taken an unpredictable turn and has proved to be exactly as terrible as we thought. Eren now possesses the ability to see into his own future and past.

He recalls running into a refugee within Marley. Some of the city citizens were harassing him. He witnessed the young boy’s death with his own eyes. Eren knows that he could have saved the boy’s life but did not, so the blood is in his hands. He is begging for forgiveness. Additionally, he is trying to justify just why he is following through on his own methods of ending the war.

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Attack On Titan
Source: Funimation

He has reached a point where there is no return. Eren sees the carnage that he has wrought and the young children that died beneath his Titan’s feet. He exclaims that this is “freedom” and that he is creating a world “outside of the walls” that he had always hoped to see. This definitely is going to be an interesting scene to see play out in the anime adaptation.

Do you think Eren Jaeger will find a way back to sanity and self- righteousness? Or, is he now beyond redemption?

We will bring new insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!




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