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Attack on Titan Chapter 134: Beast Titans New Powers Revealed!

Attack on Titan Chapter 134 is all set to come out next month and excitement is increasing every day. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the manga’s next installment. We saw that Eren has new god-like powers and has completely gone crazy. No one can stop him now. Here’s everything you need to know about the manga’s next chapter!

Attack on Titan Chapter 134: Release Date

The manga’s newest chapter will be out on November 9 as per the official manga sources. Check out the official tweet below!

As we know, every new installment is released every month on the 9th. The manga’s raw scan will be out around November 5-6 and we will get more details then.

Crunchyroll features all the manga’s latest chapters and fans can access these on its official page. Also, Comixology, Amazon, and Kodansha Comics website is the manga’s official publishers. We strongly recommend you to read from the official sources only. This will help support the manga’s creators and the entire team.

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Attack On Titan
Source: Crunchyroll

So, What Will Happen Now?

We have seen in earlier that the Beast Titans have the powers of various animals. The kid names Falco has the powers of Falcon and his Titan can fly above the clouds. Similarly, we can expect that other Beast Titans such as the Whale and the Dinosaur might also have powers accordingly.

Most probably, the manga’s new chapter will reveal these details. Also, Eren is now more powerful than ever. A bunch of airships can never stop the most powerful Titan.

Last Chapter Recap!

The Survey Corps is facing off against their most horrifying and tragic threat to date. The anime’s previous installment came as a huge surprise when it killed a big “hero” and “villain”.

Right now, anything can happen and it’s highly unpredictable. New Corps are on their way to a specific location to end the long-running war between Eldia and Marley.

Attack On Titan
Source: Funimation

Eren Jaeger now possesses the Founding Titan’s power and he has unleashed the Titans within the walls. The nation of Marley is under attack (a.k.a. ‘The Rumbling’)!

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Eren once wanted to exact vengeance against the Titans. But he is now on his way to eradicate everyone who does not have Eldian blood flowing through their veins. In this way, Erin plans to end the long-running war between the two nations

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Attack On Titan
Source: Funimation

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Mikasa and Armin are now in a very horrific scenario and are going through a moral conflict. They have to decide whether to kill their best friend or not. The new Survey Corps is fully prepared and on their way to stop at Jaeger. They are running low on time as the Rumbling continues its genocidal march.

We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!




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