Attack on Titan: Eren Gruesome Titan Form Revealed

Attack on Titan or Shingeki No Kyojin is now on the top tier anime list. The show is considered one of the best anime ever made and is immensely successful in the world of television. It has not only has attracted Otakus but also managed to attract audiences with no prior inclination towards anime.

The fascinating narrative, intriguing characters, sudden plot twist are a few of the many things that make you fall in love with the series. And, without a doubt, the series gets better with every Chapter.

The Series has completed a total of 133 chapters till now. And, as we talk about it, the story has become more intense than ever. The series is just a few steps away from its grand finale. And, of course with that numerous theories are surfacing the web. The stakes are now higher than ever.

With all said, let’s talk about Eren’s New Titan Form. And, also check out the official platforms for reading Attack on Titan manga.


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Eren’s New Titan Form

As the final arc approaches, we see how Eren declares war on the rest of the world. Hence, becoming the main antagonist of the series. With Eren fully bonding with the power of Ymir and the Founding Titan, we had seen some brief glances at his over-powerful Titan form.

But, With the newest chapter of the series, we have finally gotten a full look at his New Titan form. Everyone witnessed the horrifying form as his Tian changed far beyond the realms of the Titans we have seen so far. In fact, it’s such a monstrosity that there’s no way that Eren will be seen as anything other than the final foe of the series Mikasa and Earth’s remaining forces will face.

In the 133rd Chapter of Attack on Titan, we see Eren continue the Rumbling as the wall Titans continue stomping their way across. But, the final pages of Chapter 133 give us a full look at Eren’s new completely skeletal, and hideous new Titan.

Just before that, Eren reaches out to Mikasa and the other serving members of the Survey Corps. And, it becomes clear that he’s firm on his decision and will go beserk to complete his goal. This looks similar, like Ymir in the Coordinate space. Now looking just like the Founding Titan himself both in and out of Coordinate, Eren has shown how much he has bonded with this power.



You can also go through the theory video related to Eren’s New Titan Form It also reviews Chapter 133.

The MOST TRAGIC DECISION of All Time – Attack on Titan Chapter 133 Review
Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 133 reveals Eren Yeager’s final plan with the founding titan on why he is doing the rumbling for his true freedom. Eren speaks to Armin, Mikasa, Levi, and the others within the Paths and the Founder Ymir to explain that they have to Destroy Eren himself for it to stop the rumbling. They have explained a Theory on how the series will end.

Where can I read Attack on Titan Chapter 134?

You can read Attack on Titan Chapter 134 as well as all the previous chapters here:-
Kodansha Comics
These are the official publishers for the manga series. Always read AoT manga chapters from official sources as it would help the creators and will promote their work.

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