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Attack On Titan: Levi’s Past Is A Game-Changer!

Attack On Titan has taken a very unusual turn. Levi Ackerman is the anime’s one of the most complex characters. He is the Survey Corps’ captain, and “Humanity’s Strongest”. His skills are in itself a paradox, but more of a curse than a gift.

He had to watch all his friends and comrades die while he survived. There’s more here than what meets the eye. Here’s everything you need to know about this new revelation!

The No Regret spin-off manga shows Levi’s past as a criminal in the Underground, as well as his induction into the Survey Corps. It also sheds light on the tragedies that shaped some of his most memorable decisions in the series.

Gun Snark and illustrator Hikaru Suruga wrote the ‘No Regrets’ manga. It is relatively unknown to most Attack on Titan fans. The manga, however, remains true to the spirit of the main series in telling the tale of Levi’s past.

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Attack On Titan
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Attack On Titan: Friendship In The Underground

In the anime’s season 3, we saw Levi lacking familial ties bound by blood. His mother Kuchel was a sex worker in the underground slums beneath Mitras and led a miserable life. She passed away when he was a young child. Levi’s uncle found him but soon left Levi to fend for himself amid thugs and thieves.

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Levi was left on his own and he had to make a living all by himself. He never even knew he was an Ackerman until coming to blows with Kenny decades later.

Death was very common in the Underground for kids without families. Levi’s flawless combat skills not only aided his survival, but they also earned him notoriety. Furlan‘s knack for scheming and Levi’s combat prowess helped then start a gang of their own. A few years later, a spirited girl named Isabel Magnolia joined Levi and Furlan. The tri soon became very good friends.

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Tragedy & Resolve In The Survey Corps

Levi, Isabel, and Furlan became successful and ran a highly-renowned gang thanks to their mastery of 3D maneuver gear. A politician caught the wind of the trio and their skills. He offered them a deal. He said that they’ll have to infiltrate Survey Corps to steal back some blackmail from its rising star, Erwin Smith. If they do as he asks, he’d arrange citizenship for all three of them.

Attack On Titan
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Things did not turn out as planned. Survey Corps exempted them. They were sent to send explore the wildness because of their obvious talent. After some time, a heavy rainstorm caught the entire Survey Corps off guard during this expedition.

At this very time, titans sneaked up on their convoy. It separated their forces which led to the staggering loss. Furlan, Isabel, and Levi rode beyond the walls together and tried to run away. Unfortunately, only Levi returned and Furlan, Isabel died.

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On this day, Levi pledged to slaughter every titan that dared test its strength against his. Levi stayed with the Survey Corps. Over many years, he witnessed endless number deaths until the day Eren Yaeger joined up…

Attack On Titan
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Over many years, Levi has witnessed many of his friends die. Furlan, Isabel, Petra, Mike, Erwin, and far too many more all died in front of him. This tragedy and loss broke him. He still shapes his resolve to ensure someday, that cycle of tragedy is brought to an end.

Levi’s past reflects on his every decision. He will play an important role as the anime advances. We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!




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