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Attack On Titan Panel: Final Details Revealed!

Attack On Titan anime’s final panel is out. The anime’s creators are sure how to end this classic tale. Back in 2018, Hajime Isayama gave fans a behind-the-scenes look as to how he plans to bring this anime to the end. He posted a video on Twitter in which he was seen working on the final panel. The video had enough details to get the Reddit fan theories rolling.

Check out the twitter post below!

Attack On Titan: What’s the post all about!

The panel shows a monotone sketch of what seems to be an adult figure. Additionally, it features a new-born child. The mysterious man is seen embracing the child in the drawing. The words “you are free” is displayed in the speech bubble above them.

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The creators have not revealed any direct connections of this drawing to the manga’s conclusion. Many fans think that this man is none other than the protagonist Eren Jaeger.

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Attack On Titan
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One theory suggests that this child will end the Eldain curse once and for all and free everyone. So far we have seen that Eldain has an ability to change into titans if injected with the serum.

Eren, Reiner, and Zeke are a few examples of what this power can do. They all have suffered the negative repercussions and also have developed the strange desire to eat humans.

One convincing theory!

The other theory suggests that Eren himself is the child. We know that Eren is now beyond redemption and has ultimately become the villain. The words, “you are free” might describe that Eren will now be released from all this insanity and get back on the righteous path.

Attack On Titan
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On the other hand, many believe that this is Historia Reiss’s child. Historia has spent the recent chapters pregnant closed off from most of the world. Fans always wanted to see Eren’s and Historia’s relationship leading somewhere. Now they think that she is pregnant with Eren’s child and this child will make all the difference.

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There are many theories yet no certainties. Regardless of the theories’ authenticity, the panel reveal has left the entire fandom in their feels since its release. All the fans are waiting for the iconic end and see their favorite characters’ work paid off.

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Attack On Titan
Source: Crunchyroll

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In the end, the villainous protagonist might come full circle and achieve peace. The entire Attack on Titan anime has proved to be one hell of a heartstrings puller. The conclusion is sure going to be the same so brace yourself for some never-before-seen thriller and suspense.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!


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