‘Attack on Titan’ is a massively popular anime that hails from  Hajime Isayama’s manga of the same name. If you have watched it, then you must know there is a 4-year leap between seasons 3 and 4. This method of storytelling has certainly piqued everyone’s interest. Let us discuss the ending of the latest episode.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

Although the Mid-East Allied Forces have lost the four-year battle, their anti-Titan technology has been admired by media outlets everywhere. During a meeting, Magath mentions that while Marleyan forces have been dependent mostly on the power of the Titans, other countries have produced some excellent weapons to add to their abilities. But Zeke is a man with a plan. He wants to make use of the last year of his life to attack Paradis Island and seize the Founding Titan. In doing so, the Marleyan forces will also get sufficient time to reconstruct and reinvent themselves as required.


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The rest of the Eldian soldiers move towards home to Liberio on a train, and Gabi receives appreciation for her bravery in the final war by everyone. Reiner even informs Falco that most probably, she will be the one who takes the heir of the Armored Titan. But Falco is not okay with this, especially since Gabi will only live till 27 if this happens. So Reiner (who is also her cousin) motivates Falco to work hard and overtake Gabi in order to take the legacy of the Armored Titan himself so that Falco can save her from “the dark future” that waits for them.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 2 Ending

Gabi is more than happy about making it back to Liberio, and the surviving Eldian forces also reconcile with their families. Unfortunately, however, there is also a group of soldiers who go through serious PTSD since they were digging trenches on the front lines. Apart from this, Falco can’t help but ponder over if he can completely rely on Reiner yet.

Gabi tells the tale of her own heroic war exploits to her family. Reiner, however, talks about the time he lived on Paradis and says that the people on that island are “beyond help.” The day after, Zeke and the remaining Titan Warriors meet to discuss the new battle plan. He plots to use the Tybur family and their War Hammer Titan to tell the VIPs at the impending festival that the Marleyan forces will take command of Paradis Island within the year. It is also disclosed that the military seniors have been listening to this entire conversation clandestinely all this time. In the end, Reiner decides to go back to that island.


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Attack On Titan: Is It The Beginning of The End?

Much has happened since the war ended, but episode 2 initially focuses on the need to develop weapons for battles. After all, even though the Marleyan forces reign supreme ultimately, what they have missed out on is time. Since they trusted so heavily on the power of the Titans for the battles, they never really had to be innovative or creative with their strategies.

They say that necessity is the mother of all inventions, and this statement really reflects in the episode. After all, even though the Mid-East Allied Forces lost the war, their anti-Titan weaponry is being praised by everyone. Given that the creatures are the only defense for Marleyan forces, it is obvious for others to develop technology that can help them defeat the Titans.

Technologies are taking place of the Titans

But it really feels as though this is the beginning of the end, especially because other technologies are taking place of the Titans. If someone can develop a weapon that injures them, it is only a matter of time before they create something equally unsettling as the creatures themselves, even if it is artificial. Furthermore, even the Marleyan generals recognize that they cannot depend on the power of the Titans for a long time. (This only indicates their short-sightedness since they just wanted to win the war).


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For this very reason, Zeke brings the plan to take Paradis Island in their command. Firstly, the resource-rich area will prove to be quite helpful for them. Secondly, this will get the military enough time so that they, too, can step their game up in technology. This two-pronged approach only makes it feel as though the relevance of Titans is going to be ruined as time passes. Atlast, if they are able to take control of the Founding Titan, then they can still seem challenging and will be less vulnerable to attacks.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 2: Review

This week’s episode was indulging in accordance to character development. Although it did feel a little slow given how little time the series has left to wind things up. With the manga still continuing, one has to wonder what they’re going to cut to round out the anime. However, it doesn’t seem like all the time spent in Marley is on the chopping block.

That said, it was interesting to know some of the Eldians fighting on Marley’s side of the war, especially after last week’s release. Although some of them remain stoic outside of battle. It’s hard not to like characters like Gabi and Pieck, even if you can’t totally understand why they’re so determined for their cause.

And it’s odd to see how hard the Eldians are fighting their own people in order to redeem themselves in the eyes of Marley, particularly when the new episodes have emphasized how little Marley trusts or respects its Titan Warriors. The sight of Liberio showed a bleak internment zone that makes you think whether Zeke and Reiner wouldn’t be better off turning on Marley. But then, maybe they will before the end.

Episode highlights Reiner’s struggles

The most interesting moment of “Midnight Train” is certainly Falco’s conversation with Reiner, which will make fans crazy for Falco’s character. But it also underscores just how much Reiner has changed since the series started, and it hints an interesting conclusion to his arc. A few seasons ago, a change of heart from either Bertolt or Reiner sounded impossible. This season seems to be coming up with that, even if it doesn’t result in a full-on redemption arc. This episode strived to highlight Reiner’s struggles with who he was and who he’s become. This will probably have a big impact on the rest of the series.


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When it comes down to it, “Midnight Train” isn’t a bad episode to binge. In fact, it contains a lot of interesting character development. During this compelling season which audience may not know who to root for. It does, however, feel like a potentially unnecessary pause given how less time is left to wrap it up.